How To Get More Followers With Instagram

In affiliate marketing, it’s all about the referral. How you refer relevant customers to the affiliate offers matters. Typically there are 2 types of traffic out there. Traffic that you control and traffic that you don’t control. Today, we’ll be discussing How To Get More Followers With Instagram.

Traffics that you don’t control are those you get from paid ads or organic traffic like SEO. Through paid ads, you can go to Facebook or Instagram to pay them to send traffic to your website or you can go through a solo ads provider and buy some traffic.

Traffic that you control on the other hand is the list of people that you can access anytime and show your offers. For instance, if you have got a big email list, you can always send them an email promoting your offer. Or if you have a big social media account, you can utilize that to promote your offer as well.

However, let me be honest with you. Even if you have an account with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, Facebook is designed to limit how many people can see your post.

How To Grow Your Instagram Account to 1k Followers

When you start your new Instagram account with 0 posts and 0 followers. How can you be growing it fast without spending any money on ads? Well, first of all, of course, you need to have some content posted on the account so people will follow and interact with your content. You need a content strategy in that you can create tonnes of content within a short amount of time and schedule them to be posted at a certain time.

By doing this, you\’ll not be required to stop all the time to do the regular post. However, you might want to reply to the comment for the 1st hour of your post as it helps to rank as the top post.

But then, we\’re still at 0 followers now even though we have the content ready as no one is able to search for us. There are so many photos and videos being posted daily. How you can stand out from those competitors?

Well, the answer is simple. You need this what we call follow/unfollow strategy to start with. First, you\’ll be required to research your competitor\’s page and see their content style.

What converts well and what\’s not?

Then you can see who like their post and start following these people. These people are more likely to be active users as they like others\’ posts as well.

Be very careful when you implement this strategy as you might get blocked by doing this too aggressively. To begin with, you can start with around 200 followers per day. Try not to go over that amount as you\’ll get banned. Keep doing this until you get 1000 followers.

Why do I need 1000 Followers?

Well, the reason is simple. In order for Instagram to show your account on the Discover page, the minimum number of followers you need is 1000. That\’s why this is a small milestone that we target. Then you can either continue the follow/unfollow strategy and at the same time build quality content for your followers. Get some viral content and engaging content to get more likes and comments.

For example, you can ask some questions or use quotes like \”tag your friend that might like this\”. All these will increase the engagement rate for your page. Again, a higher engagement rate will make Instagram show your page to more people as it will rank your profile better.

But is this way ethical to get followers? Well, this is a grey area. Unless you\’re a famous person that already has fame outside and has a huge amount of fans that will follow you. Else most of the new Instagram page actually starts with this method. You can also get some automated apps that can help to do this automatically.

How Do I Create Content For Instagram

If you\’re new or have never designed before don’t worry. Here I\’ll show you 3 ways that you can get unlimited content for your page now.

1. Royalty Free Stock Image

You see, when you\’re sharing something online, especially if it\’s for your business, you need to be very careful with copyright content. The content owner might sue you for using their content without their permission.

To get a royalty-free image, you can go to websites like or Both these websites offer free images that you can download and share on your page.

2. Create Your Own Content

There are many tools that you can use to create content to post on your social media. For example, we always use Canva to create our content. Canva is very simple to use and provides plenty of different templates for you to start designing your content.

Canva Instagram Post Template

No matter what type of content you want, you can start with a template and design based on your needs.

3. Record It Yourselves

Let me guess, you have a smartphone with you that has camera features. Take it out and start recording. You can create so many great photos and videos with it. The camera and lens for the smartphone have been improved so much, you can take so much awesome content with it. Just use it and start creating.

Read more about content creation here.

Summary – How To Get More Followers With Instagram

Now that we have given you a few content creation ideas, go ahead and start creating your own content today to Get More Followers On Instagram. Set a small goal for yourself, and create 2-3 pieces of content to be shared for different platforms daily. After all, if you\’re creating great content, your follower will follow and share your content with their friends.

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