June 13, 2024

6 Best Copywriting Tips For Total Beginners

You heard about the power of copywriting and how it can feed you for life. Learn how Best Copywriting Tips Works for you. Copywriting is the science of selling stuff with words — usually online through tantalizing landing pages, sales pages, emails, and headlines.

Today, I’m going to share with you my top 6 tips for writing great copywriting. 

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Best Copywriting Tips #1. Know Your Market

Let me be clear, people trust and buy from people they know. You can write good and persuasive copy like

  • You’re going to love this!
  • I promise this will be a game-changer!
  • Buy this now and you won’t regret it!

However, if the audience doesn’t know you or doesn’t trust you, chances are very slim that they will buy from you directly. 

Here’s the thing, when as product creators or product owners, we think our product is the best in the market. Although it is, it may not suit everyone out there. You need to get some feedback from your top target customer and see what problems or questions they have about the product. And then, how you can tackle those questions in your copy. 

By doing this, you are removing the obstacles for people to decide. The more their doubts are being cleared, the easier for them to make the buying decision. 

Know Your Audience

When you do the talking, you need to know 

  • Who you are talking to
  • What you are trying to sell
  • Why they want or should buy from you

One way we get this answer is called a survey or internal proof of concept testing. Before you write a single word of copy, get 10 people from your best customers to review your product. 

Then, you can get on a call with them or send them an email asking them to try it out and give feedback. 

Here’s the type of stuff I ask… 

  • What do you think about this product?
  • Do you love it or not? Why?
  • Why did you sign up in the first place? 
  • How has it changed or improved your business or life?
  • What was your biggest objection before you signed up and how did you overcome that? 
  • Will you share the product with your friends? 

These are some very useful questions that you should answer in your copy. 


Sometime when writing a copy, you don’t answer your audience. You are just writing what we think it’s the best. But instead, you should know your target customer and what they think. Then, remove their objections in your copy. 

In that case, you’ll need to find people in your target market and ask them similar questions. You might even need to give the product/service to some people for free in order to gather this information before trying to sell it. 

Best Copywriting Tips #2. Hook With Curiosity

To write great copy, you’re going to have to address a lot of objections, build empathy, tell stories, and create emotion. 

Humans are impatient, and they don’t like to be sold. This is why, instead of selling, we want to hook them. Let them be the ones who raise their hand for help. 

It’s like you are fishing for new customers out there. They are the fish and you are fishing. Therefore, you need to put some bait to hook them. And this is the most important in your headlines. 

In the headline, you answer the biggest rejections your potential customers have and give them some promise. This is because this will hugely reduce their objections to your product or the sales letter at the bottom. 

Then on the product sales copy, that’s where you remove the other top 3 rejections and queries they have on buying the products. The more doubts you can clear for them, the easier it will be for them to make a purchase. 

A hook is a hook, it’s not a full explanation for the solutions. It’s the bait that you throw out to hook their curiosity. A good hook just makes them curious to learn more. 

If you want people to stick with you long enough, you need to start hooking them with curiosity. 

One of the headlines that I like to use is, How to {achieve your goals} in XX days, without having to {pain 1} and {pain2}. 

Making a promise for them to achieve a goal in a certain timeframe. And at the same time, remove their objections that they don’t need to go through the pain they went through before. 

Then your dream customers will have no option but to keep reading. 

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Best Copywriting Tips #3. Build the Stage

Good copywriting copy is how you help them to justify the buying decision after they are hooked. 

For example, people don’t buy Ferraris because of the top speed or the engine size. They just want a nice Ferrari. The specs are to justify why they want a Ferrari. 

So, your copy should not only sound logical. But, it should feel logical too. 

You are helping him to explain his decision and agree with his decision. An emotional buy works even better than a logical decision. They buy based on their feeling, not whether they need it or not. 

A big part of copywriting is using emotion to guide people where you want them to go. 

Great copy combines emotions like passion, fear, pain, and pleasure with cold-hard logic. 

The place for the heaviest emotions on your page is right at the beginning and into the middle of the page. 

Best Copywriting Tips #4. Tell Stories

Story selling is often one of the best ways to close deals. 


It’s relatable to the target customer and you can easily touch their emotion with a story. 

The story is vital for good copywriting because it accomplishes a lot of important stuff all at once…

  • creates emotion
  • Justify with logic
  • proves the results of the product or service
  • Shares the solutions 
  • Address objections
  • Relatable with the potential customers

The formula for writing a such story is called the Epiphany bridge. You are building a bridge between your dream customers with the product/service. 

An Epiphany bridge starts with a relatable backstory of their desires. Both internal and external. Then as they start the journey, what is the wall, obstacles, or struggles they met? And next, how they found your product/service as the new Opportunity or solution to their problems. 

Finally, when they implement the solutions, what is the conflict in the journey, and last, their achievements and transformations?

It’s emotional and relatable and it’s entirely based on a true story. 

See how all of this connects? See how the story naturally leads into the product? 

Think of a story you could tell on your own sales page — maybe it’s your story, maybe it’s a client or customer, or maybe it’s entirely fictional. Whatever it is, your story should resonate with your target market and drive them to take action. 

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Best Copywriting Tips #5. Open Loops

This is a very powerful way to keep someone’s attention. And, I call them “open loops”. 

It is like you are telling people something, but not telling it. It creates curiosity begging to know more about it. 

Most video content creators use this as a hook for people to complete the video. 

For example, watch the first few seconds of this video… or the last one is the funniest one. 

Now… every time you create an open loop, imagine that you start a timer.

You’ve got a certain window of time to talk to people where they’re sticking around and paying attention in anticipation of what you promised to give them, the length of which depends on how enticing your promise was. 

If I told you I was going to give you a million dollars if you read every word on this page… of course, you’d do it.

That’s an extreme example but it illustrates the point. 

People will stick with you only so long as you… Have something they really want

This means that if you want them to stay longer, you need to open a new loop, close it and open another new loop. But make sure, you fulfil your promise and what you give them is good. 

If people lose trust or start to doubt that you’re going to give them what they want or it is worth the wait, they’re going to leave.

It’s often a good idea — in your copy, in your webinars, and on your sales pages — to increase people’s motivation to stick around by opening multiple loops. 

The more enticing loops you have open, the more motivated people will be to stick around. 

Best Copywriting Tips #6. Brainstorm Objections

We talked about objection handling in the first part. 


It’s the most important part of a sales copy. 

Wouldn’t it be great if people just bought your stuff without asking questions?

But in reality, people will still be asking. They have different questions coming up all the time. And hence, a big part of copywriting is anticipating and addressing those objections. 

Firstly, set aside time to brainstorm all of the objections you imagine your dream customers having. Then, reframe those objections into questions. 

Here are some common ones…

  • Why should I trust you? 
  • Why should I buy from you?
  • Is your product/service better?
  • Why does it cost so much? 
  • Do I need to buy it right this second? 
  • Can I get a better deal out there?

They don’t want to be your test subjects. They want to know that your thing works, that it’s going to help them, that they’re getting a good deal, and that you’re worthy of their trust.

Final Thoughts

Those are my top 6 tips — Know Your Market, hook with curiosity, Build the stage, Tell Stories, Open loops and brainstorm objections. 

Copywriting is a science more than an art form. And the 6 tips I summarized for you today is the one that will really improve your sales copy. 

Take some time to practice, learn and master the copywriting skill. It’s the most important skill you can ever have. 

Get going and claim your free templates before you go.

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