8 Reasons Why You Should Join a network marketing or MLM Business Now 

So, you got called by your ex-schoolmate or classmate who had not been contacting you for years. When you both meet up, they recommend an opportunity for you. It’s network marketing or MLM. 

After listening to the business plan and looking at his success, you start to think about this. 

What are the advantages of network marketing and why should you join it? 

Understand that there are some MLMs or network marketing companies that have bad reputations that affect the entire industry. Not only that, as almost everyone can join the business, there are more people who don’t know how to recruit well. 

Discover the New Network Marketing Trend

These people always annoy their friends and family by bothering them to join their team or buy their products. Not only that, some even spend time building fake friendships with strangers just to promote the MLM product. 

Things have changed, and you don’t need to follow the old way to recruit and sell in your network marketing business. So, you can start with a phone and the internet to build a successful network marketing or MLM business and find freedom in your life and finances. 

The key here is to pick the right MLM or network marketing company that allows you to do so. And get the right technique to work anywhere. 

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What is Network Marketing?

First of all, what is MLM or network marketing? 

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), is a multi-level marketing business model where distributors make a portion of the revenue from the products they sell as well as the products the distributors under them sell. Depending on the company you work for, the commission rate, bonuses and incentives are all different. 

network marketing mlm

Multi-level marketing has provided new opportunities for people who want freedom in life to start their business with a very low budget while having the freedom of working without a boss. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you can have big success without doing hard work. 

Also, to avoid that you joined the wrong company here are some tips to identify the right one. 

If you found a network marketing company that requires a high signup fee or initial product purchase, you might want to avoid it. These are mostly scams, where their business model focuses on recruiting and making money from the signup fee. 

Advantages of Network Marketing

Network marketing as it’s named, the key to the business is networking. Or social selling. You run the business simply by sharing the product you use or love in your own lives through word of mouth. 

And, you don’t need to buy your own inventory. Your network marketing or MLM company will store and manage all the products and delivery. You may want to stock up on a few popular products to serve your regular customers better. 

But if you don’t, you can rely on their logistics too. All you need to do is either, buy the products from their store and deliver them to your customers if it’s urgent. Or to show your service and build relationships with your customers, you can deliver the product to them directly. 

Otherwise, you can just order from the company website and get it delivered within three working days. 

Also, the most important element. The number of high-quality networks you have, the higher your net worth. Networking is about cultivating relationships, honest, authentic, genuine, relationships. You don’t want to simply share all products with your potential customers. You just share what you love and try to avoid sharing the wrong product with your network. 

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8 Best Reasons That You Should Join The Right Network Marketing Company

If you want a different lifestyle, you need to put in the effort and follow the right person. And, the easiest way to start a business will be to join the right network marketing business. 

The one that only needs a small amount of joining fee, amazing products, little to no monthly product commitment and good mentors to guide you along the journey. 

1. You Are Building A Long Term Passive Income

If you take a quick peek at most network marketing or MLM income disclosures you’ll see that a large percentage of people aren’t making money. Truth. 

Many people just join the network marketing or MLM business opportunity to please their friends or just to get a cheaper product. But, they don’t pursue the business. Hence, you will see that most people actually don’t earn from network marketing or MLM business. 

But if you see those who really put in the effort to make appointments, do product demos, and recruit and mentor their downline distributors, their hard work will pay off in the long term. 

This is especially useful when you are building a long-term passive income. Your downline distributors’ army that you built will feed you in the long term. 

Why Network Marketing?

Compared to working a full-time job and building a network marketing or MLM business, both require hard work. But for a job, you work for the company, hope for a pay rise, and be kicked out if you are not performing based on the company’s expectations. 

However, after you build a successful network marketing or MLM business, the business will continue to grow even if you are not working on it. Then, Your “army” will be able to substitute your work in your business when you are away. 

2. You Can Choose To Work on Your Passion

As network marketing or MLM businesses are having bad names for always pushing for all their members to sell only, things have changed now. Instead of focusing on recruiting only, some network marketing or MLM companies realise that they need to take away this rejection for people who want to use their product. 

Hence, some actually have different member types. One is for building the business and selling the product, and the other one is only for buying the product at a member’s price. With this, those who do not want to build and grow the business cannot do that with their existing account. 

Hence, the network marketing or MLM business owner will not and cannot push him/her to sell. 

Only if you are comfortable to start promoting the product that you truly love and are passionate about, you decide when to start. When you are doing something you are passionate about, you can share it with people day in and day out. 

This, in turn, will help you to gain enrollments and growth for your business. 

3. You Get to Work With Like-Minded People

Network marketing is all about networking. Once you join the network marketing or MLM business, you are surrounded by people who are building the same business as well. Your network marketing or MLM business can be offering various types of products, but the key to building the business together and the virtual competition and support between each member are great. 

You will have the environment to build your business together. What’s better is you get free business-building mentoring from your upline and your peers who have already built a successful business online. 

4. No More Annoying Your Family and Friends

Digital marketing has changed how people do network marketing or MLM business. The business started with someone who joined the business and is excited to share with their friends and family. 

As they got excited about the business, they kept sharing and buzzing with their friends and family. What they didn’t notice is not everyone is suitable for a network marketing or MLM business. And even if they support your business in the beginning, it will be very limited support only. 

This is why you will need to go out and get people who are interested in network marketing or MLM business to join you. 

And what if instead of working to get them, you get those interested to raise their hand and ask for information from you?

We do this with digital marketing. 

You can create an online presence and sales process for them to raise their interest in the business and book a 30mins appointment with you to understand more about the business. 

Then, you are going to give your regular business opportunity presentation speech to close and sign them up as your downline. 

Network Marketing Strategy Summary

5. Your Upline Wants You to Succeed

The beauty of network marketing or MLM business is everyone in your line takes a share of the sales. Many people think that only those who are in the higher-ups or started early will earn more money. 

Well, that’s true. But people did work hard to reach that stage. And your goal is to build your business up the pin as well. 

Now, let’s take a look at the business model of a network marketing or MLM business. A network marketing or MLM business is paid based on tier commissions. So, this means when you make money, your uplink may make some and his/her upline may make some. 

And for them to stay at the top, there will be requirements where they need to have some mid or high-level marketers in their group to maintain the status. 

Why Your Upline Matters?

Hence, they are committed to your success only. Furthermore, the more you can build the business, they get part of the paid commissions as well.

That means they are more than willing to guide and mentor you until you are successful. But, let’s be honest. They have a lot of downlines to guide as well. And they will definitely prioritize those who are willing to take action and provide results. That’s business. 

That being said, it matters who you sign up with! Don’t just pick a random MLM and a random person. 

First, pick a company that you are passionate about their product. Then, pick a person who is passionate about the business to guide and grow your business. 

6. All The Resources You Need Are There

Follow those who succeed and you will succeed as well. 

Getting a mentor that has already gone through the road you are going to take. He will know all the obstacles on the road as well as the shortcuts in the journey. 

You can even get your upline to follow you during the first few business meetings to show you how to do it the right way. Get the closing slides or scripts from them and practice them. 

All of these things matter so much and are the key to successful network marketing or MLM business. So, you need to get someone who can be dedicated to the business and be able to support you. 

If you want to explore how you can start with me and get all the online and offline recruiting strategies for free, just inform us on the Contact Us page. And, I will contact you for more information. 

7. You’re in Control of Your Own Business

The beauty of building a business, especially a network marketing or MLM business is that you decide your goal and commitment result. You don’t get a fixed salary in a network marketing or MLM business. But, you can get more or less monthly income based on your work and strategy implementation. 

If you are willing to all in your network marketing or MLM business, you have unlimited potential to grow it. 

In fact, you can give yourself a pay rise and bonuses every month by working harder and growing your team.

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8. Network Marketing Has Changed

Network marketing or MLM business is not like what it used to be. The old method does not work now anymore and you can build your business literally anywhere and create financial freedom in your life. 

Back to 6 months ago, if you ask me the same question about joining network marketing. Then, I will definitely say no. The excuse is, I am not a networking marketing person and I don’t have time to do that. 

However, sometimes in life, you just need to make a change. “Screw it and let’s do it”. You don’t know what you can do until you force yourself to do it. 

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, you still need to do all the hard work, but the difference here is the business is scalable and you can do it anywhere at any time you want. 

You know very clearly that if you want a raise, set more appointments, recruit more people and sell more products. Also, not working OT every day, working very hard and not getting any raises. 

And the best thing, is now you can do what you are passionate about. And helping others on their way to finding financial freedom. 

Final Thoughts – 8 Reasons Why You Should Join a Network Marketing or MLM Business Now 

Now that I have shared all the advantages and why you should join a network marketing or business. If there are any other queries that hold you back from joining a network marketing or MLM business. 

Feel free to leave your question in the comment. And, I will explain and guide you to start. 

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