Network Marketing Secrets To Success Revealed

I was doing sales and marketing works for years. And I decided to try something different that can both leverage my skill and to know more people. I found a network marketing program that I heard a lot of people had talked about and if able to fulfil my criteria of a good venture. So, I decided to take action and join. Now, let’s see in detail my network marketing secret to success.

My Network Marketing Journey

As you know, in network marketing, your upline will share their experience and guide you on how to start and be successful in it. One of the problems that I faced was getting enough leads to start and grow my business. Strange, but it’s true. I don’t start with my friends and family when I start venturing into it. This is because I don’t want to ruin the relationships as most of them are not suitable. They are good product users but most are not interested in network marketing.

So, this is the first wall that I faced when starting out. My goal at that time was to get 5 new downlines per month and with a closing rate of 10%, it means I would need to talk to 50 people to achieve my target. Looking back, I can say that I started at the right time when everyone is held by the lockdown. No one can do face-to-face meetings, everything started to turn online.

With my experience in the online business, I leveraged the info product strategy to bring leads for my network marketing business. Sound good. This is how it’s done.

How To Generate Network Marketing Leads Using Sales Funnel Strategy

Now, if you have followed me long enough, you will know that I am very into the sales funnel in my online business. Now, the same strategy can be used for my network marketing business.

The first thing I need to do is create 2 different systems for business seekers and product users.

To recruit more downlines, I create a 3 steps funnel so that I can filter people who are looking into business opportunities or side hustles into this list of leads. Then, after knowing that they are looking for business opportunities, we will present the opportunity to them and if they are interested, they have 2 choices. Click the link and join the business opportunity at the network marketing company website.

Automated Sales Process for Network Marketing Recruitment

The entire sales process is from getting traffic from different sources like ads, social media, and video platforms. They will go through a series of pages. That’s where all the marketing and closing will be done through pre-recorded videos.

On the first page, it will be a lead magnet offer to hook them to our funnel. While the follow-up will be done via chatbots for Facebook and a Pre-built email sequence. For those who left their number, you can contact them via phone or WhatsApp as well.

But normally, I will get my downline to do the follow-up and to grow their team. This is so that I don’t need to be involved in the business much.

Now, if you think that it is hard to build this system, do check out my other post. You can have the entire sales process built without even having technical skills or coding.

How To Duplicate This For Your Team

Now, we are good at building all these. But how we can scale up our business by duplicating this system for your team? Thank god for the platform that we used. Now, we can share the entire sales process with our downlines in just a click.

All we need to do is to share the funnel link with our team, and boom. The entire sales process is duplicated in their account. For them, they only need to do 2 things and they are good to go.

  • Change the name and logo to be theirs
  • Customized some content for their audience if required.

Final Thoughts – Network Marketing Secrets

Doing a 3-way call and a house party is both great. People had been doing that for years and it works. But that’s slow to convert on a large scale if we don’t have a good strategy for lead generation. Soon, we will be facing a situation where we have no one to talk to about business opportunities anymore. Also, to remove us from the business, that’s why we have a system. A system in place can help to close for us 24/7.