The Hidden Network Marketing Funnel Strategy

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Network marketing had been an industry that people love and hate a lot. People love the products and the business opportunities. But, people hate the way they are approached for network marketing business opportunities. There are many salespeople out there selling similar items with the same resources provided by the network marketing company. Hence, they will be very desperate and share with you whatever they wanted to share. Today, we are going to explain how to use Network Marketing Funnel.

The Psychology of Selling

However, this is not the case and you shouldn’t ever do that. Instead, if you know about psychology, you will change the way you approach prospects forever. Remember this, people only care about what affects them. Not you, but for them. People care about themselves and want to care. That’s all. You need to understand this. No matter what you promote to them, how good is your sales pitch or the product, it is useless if it cannot sync with them.

Although it might seem bad, what we really need to do is to dig out the problems or issues that our prospect is facing. Make them feel the pain and then, offer them the solution. One of the best ways to do that is to share your personal experience that you were in the same stage with them. You can feel them and understand their feeling. Then, share the changes you took that improve your life and create the life you want. This is the way you can relate to them.

The Epiphany Bridge Script

The picture above illustrates the 5 steps formula on how to create your script. It all starts with your backstory. You have a desire internally and externally that you want to achieve. But as you work on it, you face different walls or challenges in front. You kept working on it without much success until one day. You found this new opportunity that changes everything. Here you share the plan and the achievement of transformation that you gain from the new opportunities. Learn more about the Epiphany Bridge Strategy in the book Expert Secrets. Get it now while the free offer is still available.

From this, the new opportunity will be the thing that you are selling.

Example of Epiphany Bridge Script

For example, when I am selling a software platform. My story will be like this.


Starting as a solopreneur, I had to do everything on my own and spend a huge amount of money outsourcing some tasks that I couldn’t get done on my own. The progress of my business relies very much on how fast the outsourced work can be delivered.

Some of the time, in order to get a website live and to get the sales letter written, it will take a week or 2. When everything is done, we can see our competitors already starting to dominate the market.

Things have not changed much for the first few years of my business, having a similar routine.


It was one day when I was watching a YouTube video I came across this ad. The ad is weird that it caught my attention and the story explained what I am facing. Complicated process, long-duration to create sales process. Immediately, I subscribe to the free trial and had been a loyal customer since then.

The Plan

In this platform, I am able to create my entire network marketing funnel in less than 30 minutes with all the upsell, downsell, one-time offers, and follow-up pages in place. All I need to do is start creating a funnel, choose a template that is relevant and then start building.

It is so simple to add on a new element, change the content and move around to the desired location with drag and drop. Now, even without deep knowledge of technical skills, I am able to build my own sales page. Not only that, I learned about how to structure the sales page effectively for the best conversion.

Achievements & Transformations

After using the platforms, I don’t need to rely on my web designer so much anymore. Anyone can build the entire sales funnel easily and fast. There was even once when I was pitching for a new product, my team is still building the page. At the end of my pitch, the page is done and ready to collect their contact details and payment.

See how I structure the story above? From the obstacles to opportunities to the solutions and the transformations. These are the steps you need to walk through with your potential customers to guide them to join you. Same thing for a network marketing business. I saw many network marketers pitching about the products and business opportunities when they meet a prospect.

The 2 Groups of Audiences in Network Marketing Funnel

But, in fact, they should sort them into 2 big groups before pitching them. Group 1 is for those who are interested in business opportunities and joining your team. And group 2 for those who just wanted to buy the product. Your strategy, backstory, pitching, and sales process will be totally different for both groups.

Group 1: Business Owners

For group 1, your goal is to recruit them under your sponsors and join your team. You will need to guide them on the way to expand their business with you and grow with your team. For this group, you can teach them the concept of how to generate new leads and sales process design to build their own team with you. Typically, there are 3 things you can share with them.

  • Show them how you convert a new prospect
  • Guide them on how to organize a home party to bring in more prospect
  • How to leverage events to convert more people

This is very important for you as a sponsor to lead them to success. But how you can have the done for you system for them to replicate your success? Here comes the key. We will be using platforms to achieve this and build your first Network Marketing Funnel.

Phase 1: Show Them How You Convert A New Prospect

For me as a sponsor, this is the easiest step I can share with my team and lead them to success. As a digital marketer myself, I am using landing pages, email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing strategies in my business to grow my following. With the platform I used, ClickFunnels, I can share my best converting Network Marketing Funnel to my downline instantly.

With just a click, my best-converting funnel can be imported to their account instantly. They will just need to do some content modification to make it personal. That’s all. And it’s ready to launch. No more long hassle to engage professionals to build one.

Phase 2: Guide Them On How To Organize Home Party

This can be done by having a simple sales process to organize a virtual home party where you join the home party with him to demonstrate the product you are selling. You will be guiding them for the first few home party while they learn.

Then slowly, they will be able to organize their own home party. This is the same no matter if you are doing it online or offline. Offline will be an in-person home party while online will be a Zoom call or other video conference. This is the second Network Marketing Funnel that we call Home Party Funnel.

Phase 3: Leverage on Live Events To Bring In More People

After you are done with phase 1 and phase 2, phase 3 is the key to really growing and scaling your business to another level fast. For this, we used to have a lot of free seminars where the speaker will spend 1-2 hours explaining some topics and providing free values during the seminars.

At the end of the seminar, they will be upselling you to their courses or other products. You can do the same thing with the network marketing business.

You share the business opportunities and the extra bonuses you provide if they join your group. Then, you can bribe them with some vouchers or free gifts if they are able to bring 1 friend to your event next week. By this, your audience is able to grow very fast with people that already know you and trust you, bringing in their friends. They can replicate this very fast in the online world.

You can run the event once, record it down, and playback it for the next event if you don’t want to repeat it again. But I suggest that you can do it live every week, mentioning the date or day and interacting with the audience so they can feel real.

This is very important because when you are doing a virtual event, you can’t feel the reaction like a live event. So, it is very important to always interact with them so they will stay focused.

Now, let’s go to another group.

Group 2: Consumer

This part is quite straightforward, you build a good eCommerce funnel with one-time offers, upsell, downsell and product catalogues to convert more customers and increase average cart values. The typical sales process is as below:

When you design the sales funnel and so on, always remember one thing. Focus on the benefits they will get and the problem you can solve with your product. You can have a quantity break or bundle discount to motivate them to buy more.

At the end of the sales funnel, you can even have a membership subscription offer for them to join. Once joined, they will be charged monthly for the subscription and you will send them the product automatically.

If it’s a supplement or other product, it means they won’t be having the issue of running out of supply. This is the front end of all your sales process. You can also provide offline customer service by having you or your team visit them in person so they can trust you more and buy more from you.

Final Thoughts – How to Use Network Marketing Funnel

Now I had shown you the entire sales process of a successful network marketing business and how to leverage technologies to simplify your work. It’s your turn now to get working and build yours. For all the resources I mentioned above, you can drop me a comment below and our team will share it with you. Not only that, if you have any doubts in any part, you can talk to us also. Let’s resolve it together.

You may also get the book Network Marketing Secrets for free. Just cover a small amount of shipping and handling costs. The cost of the book is fully covered.

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