June 13, 2024
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5 Simple Ways To Generate More Leads For Network Marketers

Just started in the network marketing business? Or you have reached a point where you have no more contacts to call? Do you want to know how to Generate More Leads For Network Marketers?

Then you need to first figure out how to get more leads.

Today we are going to discuss five lead-generation strategies that can help you do exactly that.

What is Your Lead Magnet

Before we get directly into generating leads, we need to have a complete strategy. Just like fishing, you need bait for the fish to be hooked. The same goes for lead generation. Our lead generation funnel, starts with :

Your lead magnet.

What is a Lead?

A lead is someone who has the potential to be your customer. You already have his basic contact information such as name, email address, or phone number collected. They already entered your sales funnel and it’s now in the top of funnel stage. When they hear about you, give you their contact details but not being your paid customer.

Note that, this does not include those who just visited your website but have not provided their contact details yet.

What is Lead Generation for Network Marketers?

Lead generation is the process of converting a potential customer to a lead by giving them some reason to give your contact details. You may not need to follow up with them immediately, but those in your list potential clients into leads by persuading them to give you their contact information.

You can do this by asking them to provide their contact details and subscribe to your email list. But the success rate is very low. People are subscribed to too many lists and there is too many spam email nowadays.

You need to have a good strategy to bribe them to give you their contact details willingly. For this, you can use a lead magnet to bribe them, in exchange for their email addresses.

In the first step of the lead generation process, you need to know who is your target audience. Your potential customer.

You only target those you want to serve, but not anyone in the world so you don’t waste your time and budget in contacting them. You only want those who might be interested in your product to be on the list.

What is a Lead Magnet to Generate Leads For Network Marketers?

A lead magnet is something that you offer to potential clients in exchange for their email addresses.

Lead magnets are built to create value for our prospects. When they receive value from us for free, they’re more likely to find out more about us. It’s like building trust and relationships with them by providing free value upfront. No sales at this moment, only value. Because people will easily turn away when they see a sales letter.

A lead magnet is usually something easy to distribute and has no recurring cost for reproducing. It can be

  • A report.
  • A cheat sheet.
  • A masterclass.
  • An email course.
  • A video course.
  • A webinar.

It needs to be something that the person who received can instantly get value from it. Not to say a hundred pages of ebooks. Not many people will read that anyway.

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Create a Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet to Generate Leads For Network Marketers

Just because your lead magnet is free doesn’t mean that you don’t have to “sell it”. The contact details are something precious for the potential client as well. You need to tell them what to expect and why should they be giving you their email address to claim the lead magnet product.

A simple page that sells the lead magnet and persuades them to sign up for your email list.

Never built a landing page before?

You can start with a simple squeeze page that has these three key elements:

  • A headline that explains the benefit of your lead magnet. How will it make their life better? How it will simplify their life? Focus on that.
  • An opt-in form that asks for their contact information. Don’t over-complicate this. The more complicated and more information you ask for, the more resistant they are to give you their contact details. It is best to limit it to name and email address first, and after they subscribe, you can always ask for other touchpoints. Such as phone numbers, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or other contact methods.
  • An eye-catching call-to-action (CTA) button. This is very important and you want it to be along your landing page. This reminds them to click and subscribe anytime along the way. You can use phrases like  “Get Your Free Guide Now” instead of generic phrases like “Learn More”, “Download” or “Subscribe”. Make sure that the CTA button stands out in the overall colour scheme of the page.

You can also add social proof such as past works, client testimonials, or some other credentials like any certification or award you obtain. This will increase your authority in the market and make them trust you more.

5 Simple Ways To Generate More Leads For Network Marketers

Network Marketers Lead Generation Tips #1: Run Facebook Ads on Your Landing Page

We believe both organic and paid traffic work. But of course, paid advertising is the most straightforward way to generate leads fast. You can use organic traffic or a small amount of budget to test your headline or message first before scaling big.

People always having problems with getting traffic to their page. But what they lacked was a proven-to-work landing page and key message for their target audience. Once you get both of these ready, you can scale your business fast.

Although you need to spend more money with paid traffic, but it’s quick, targeted, and measurable. You can know the conversion rate and which headline or landing page design converts best through split testing.

We recommend you start with Facebook ads.

First of all, define your dream customer avatar. If you have existing clients that have some characteristics in common, use that information to target similar people. Otherwise, you can create the target audience based on your dream customer avatar.

Then, run ads to promote your lead magnet. You aim to get people to click through to your lead magnet landing page and download your lead magnet. Once you have their email addresses, you can run an email marketing campaign and offer them your product or get them to join your network marketing business opportunity.

Just be careful with your ad spending and know what you are doing. Always know your number and optimize the campaign to make sure that for every $1 spent, you are getting at least $1.10 back. Then, you will realize that you will have an unlimited budget for the ad campaigns until the ad is not profitable again. Otherwise, your marketing budget will be burnt easily without having any significant results.

So start with a small daily budget first, then, once you figure out how to generate leads profitably, begin scaling it.

Network Marketers Lead Generation Tips #2: Build Content on TikTok and direct it to Your Lead Magnet Landing Page

This is another great platform for network marketers.

As a network marketer, you will have different products to sell. You can have a short video of your product demo and upload it on TikTok.

You can leverage the hashtags and trends to get more organic views on your videos. And at the same time, to reach more people, you can always buy ads on the TikTok platform.

The same principles that we have just discussed in the previous section apply to TikTok ads:

Target people based on existing client data or dream customer avatar, promote your lead magnet, start small and then scale once you find a winning campaign that is profitable.

However, starting on TikTok organically is still great now. With consistent content posts and hashtags, it is easy to get on the For You page and reach hundreds of thousands of audiences.

All you need to do is, create great content for your audience.

Network Marketers Lead Generation Tips #3: Build a YouTube Channel, Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

YouTube is another way to reach more audiences fast and organically.

YouTube as part of Google, is one of the largest search engines in the world. Not only that, when people search on Google, YouTube links come out as one of the top results.

Here’s how to build a YouTube Channel:

  • Identify a popular keyword that your potential clients are searching for. You may use tools like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs for the most search keywords and any long tail keywords that are easier to rank. You can also do that by putting a generic term on YouTube’s search box. By doing this, the auto-suggestion feature will show the top search keywords in your niche. These are what you can start building content around.
  • Research your niche topic and see how other YouTuber’s content ranks for the keywords you want to rank. Now, your turn to outrank them, you want to learn from what they do best and do it better than all of them.
  • Create a video around the topic and promote your lead magnet in the video. Also, include the link to your landing page in the description so they can click when they are ready.

…then rinse and repeat.

Keep at it and you will build a YouTube channel that you can then use to drive traffic to your lead magnet landing page.

Network Marketers Lead Generation Tips #4: Build Your Reputation in the Industry

You have probably heard the saying: Your network is your net worth.

This is very true as we buy from people we trust. This can be someone we know in person or someone that we heard name or story before.

Building a solid professional network is one of the best investments you can make in the long run.

By having a good network, people in your network can introduce new leads for you when their friends or family need the product that you are selling or looking for new business opportunities.

The best way to build those connections is by first creating your backstory. Attend industry events where you can interact with your peers and/or potential clients in person. Your backstory is the best testimonial for your team and your peers to tell the new downline or prospects what they can expect.

What’s important is that you focus on providing value instead of trying to extract value.

Keep in mind that networking is a long game. You won’t see the results in the first week, first month, or even the first year. But if you continue building those connections and investing in your network, sooner or later it will start paying off. 

Network Marketers Lead Generation Tips #5: Ask Happy Clients for Referrals, Incentivize Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth is arguably the most powerful form of marketing but it’s also one that you can’t control directly.

However, you can increase the likelihood of your existing clients recommending you to their families and friends by incentivizing them.

For example, you can have a weekly event in which your audience will just need to bring 1 new friend to attend your event. And you will be doing the presentation and closing for them. At the same time, you can offer them some vouchers or incentives for those who are buying the product you sell.

Repeat this weekly and you can see the number of audiences growing exponentially very fast.

Want to Learn More About Generate More Leads For Network Marketers?

Lead Generation is the first step. You need to get them down your funnel and convert them into paying customers and repeat customers. This is how you can have a more predictable business with a subscription plan.

Now, is your turn to build your lead funnel and launch your first lead generation campaign to Generate Leads For Network Marketers.