10 Ways To Make Money Selling Online Courses

You’ve likely encountered the claims and advice on making money online, each promising quick and effortless success. The frustration and scepticism have reached a tipping point as you’ve experimented with countless strategies, only to find disappointment. The relentless pursuit of wealth has left you exhausted, and the elusive financial breakthrough remains out of reach. Perhaps you’ve considered venturing into selling online courses, or maybe you haven’t yet explored this avenue. Regardless, it’s undeniable that we are amid a transformative period in online learning.

Your existing knowledge and wisdom, stored within your mind, hold the potential to be unleashed and transformed into a lucrative online venture. Yes, even earning while you sleep. The allure of online courses lies in their perpetual availability, tirelessly generating passive income. It’s like having a dedicated team working around the clock to sell for you. The key lies in structuring your marketing efforts effectively.

So, how can you truly make money by crafting compelling online courses? Is there a clandestine strategy, and where should you sell your course once it’s created? The choice between hosting the course on your website or utilizing popular educational platforms adds another layer to the equation. Let’s explore the process to unlock the potential within your knowledge and make online course sales a reality.

How To Make Money Selling Online Courses

How To Make Money Selling Online Courses

Many people believe they need an expert-level status to create profitable online courses, particularly in high-demand fields like web development. While having expertise can be beneficial, it’s not an absolute requirement when armed with a few essential insights. The common mistake people make in approaching online courses is selecting a broad topic, creating a course, and hoping for successful sales upon completion.

This is not the right approach. Instead of merely picking a topic, it’s crucial to identify a problem and understand the individual (or customer avatar) struggling with that problem. These people are your dream customer. Some numerous categories and industries demand skill development, and let’s consider the example of time management—a broad subject. While constructing an entire course around time management might seem comprehensive, the likelihood of it selling is questionable.

The key is to move away from broad topics and instead pinpoint specific problems that individuals face, then narrow down your focus. For instance, rather than offering a course on general time management, you could specialize in time management for salespeople. However, it doesn’t end there. The goal is to niche down even further. How about time management tailored specifically for high-ticket insurance sales? 

As you further narrow your focus, several advantageous outcomes emerge. Firstly, you gain the ability to charge higher prices. This means that by getting into a more specific problem, you increase the potential revenue from your online courses. A course on general time management might fetch a modest $37 if you’re fortunate. However, a course specifically designed for high-ticket life insurance salespeople could command prices ranging from $1997 to $3997. The immense potential to generate revenue becomes apparent when you hone in on a more specialized and targeted problem.

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How To Build An Online Course

How To Build and Make Money Selling Online Courses

Approaching your online course creation journey can be done in two ways— the lazy way and the hard way. While both methods can yield financial returns, the hard way tends to generate significantly more revenue. Opting for the lazy way doesn’t imply a lack of effort. Instead, it simply suggests a strategy that requires less effort compared to its alternative.

The lazy way relies on leveraging existing platforms to handle the selling process for you. However, this convenience may come at a cost, as these platforms often apply substantial discounts to your course. While this might be acceptable with a high volume of sales, many creators never reach that level. The truth is, selling a single course for $997 is often easier than attempting to sell a hundred courses priced at $9.97 each.

For those genuinely committed to maximizing their earnings through online courses, the key lies in building and maintaining control over your course. This involves setting up the course using specialized software designed explicitly for creating and selling online courses. With the availability of premade templates and user-friendly drag-and-drop editors, the process becomes accessible to individuals of varying technical backgrounds.

However, constructing the online course is only the beginning. The subsequent step involves marketing it, a phase that poses challenges for many individuals. Effectively marketing your online course is crucial for achieving sales. While numerous marketing approaches exist, only a select few prove effective enough to yield quick results.

In essence, whether you choose the lazy or the hard way, the success of your online course hinges on your ability to market it. To truly make money, it’s essential to embrace a strategic approach that aligns with your goals and control your course’s destiny.

1. Build A Lead Magnet

Simply creating an online course is not sufficient for financial success. Instead, you must draw individuals into your world if you want to generate income from selling that course. The key to achieving this lies in crafting a compelling lead magnet. 

But what exactly is a lead magnet? It’s a valuable piece of content that takes various forms but stands out because it’s offered for free in exchange for a person’s contact details.

lead magnet

Developing a lead magnet is not an isolated task. Instead, it’s an integral component of a broader lead generation funnel. This funnel typically includes a landing page that needs to create enough curiosity in a person to prompt them to desire your lead magnet. Achieving this involves crafting a powerful headline that addresses the primary problem or pain point the prospect is currently grappling with.

Lead magnets are closely connected to specific problems, acting as an extension of your online course. While your online course is deeply into solving a problem, your lead magnet tackles it in a more condensed fashion. Even if the content of your lead magnet mirrors that of your online course but in a summarized form, it still provides value. This value prompts individuals to seek the full version to engage more deeply with your insights and expertise.

Lead Magnets Help Selling Your Online Courses

Many individuals have the misconception that if they generously offer valuable content through a free lead magnet, potential customers won’t be inclined to purchase their main product or service. However, this assumption is not true. In reality, the free lead magnet serves a critical purpose by fostering reciprocity. Reciprocity, a fundamental aspect of human nature, entails feeling indebted to someone who has provided value, thus creating a desire to reciprocate the favour.

Consider the strategy employed by supermarkets offering free food samples. Their motivation is not sheer generosity but a calculated understanding of consumer behaviour. By providing a taste of their product for free, they anticipate that those who enjoy it will be more likely to make a purchase. This concept applies to your lead magnet as well. 

The ultimate aim is to craft a lead magnet of such high quality that you feel a certain discomfort giving it away for free. This discomfort is an indicator of the potential success awaiting your online course. Despite the initial challenge of investing significant effort into creating a lead magnet only to give it away, trust the process, and don’t shy away from this crucial step.

In addition, your lead magnet should be something actionable and can bring instant results for your customers. This makes them more likely to get it. 

Besides, your lead magnet should be strategically positioned within a lead generation funnel. This funnel can be a squeeze page or a reverse squeeze page. Squeeze pages are designed to obtain contact details by offering a free lead magnet in exchange for information. On the other hand, a reverse squeeze page flips the script by providing value upfront before requesting contact details. Typically, reverse squeeze pages result in higher-quality leads.

2. YouTube Marketing – Make Money Selling Online Courses

YouTube and TikTok are important tools that you can use to promote your online course strategically. Firstly, begin by crafting and sharing valuable content on the platform, posting these videos to attract attention. You may consider transforming some of these videos into YouTube shorts. They tend to garner more views and can enhance the performance of your standard-format videos.

When deciding the content for your free YouTube videos, focus on creating content that directly addresses the problem your online course aims to solve. These videos should offer solutions to specific aspects of the problem, all provided free of charge. Successful videos not only generate reciprocity but also establish your authority in the field. Viewers who find value in your content begin to perceive you as an expert in the subject matter.

Besides, ensure that your video descriptions include a link to your online course. It’s advisable to use a trackable link. This allows you to monitor the number of clicks and gauge the traffic from your YouTube to your course. You may also repurpose the lessons from your course for YouTube. By aligning your free content with the core problem addressed in your online course, you not only attract potential customers but also build authority and credibility within your niche.

Publishing free content will give your potential customers a concept that you can provide such values in free content. The paid content is definitely worth them paying. 

3. Do A Product Launch

Conducting a product launch can be a powerful strategy to promote your online course. This is especially true if you already have an established email list. Think about it as a movie release where there is a trailer for the movie. You can do the same for your online course to create interest in your upcoming course. 

Product launch funnel

If you have an existing list, plan an email newsletter to promote your online course. Otherwise, you can build one by using a lead generation funnel with a compelling lead magnet. It’s important to note that product launches tend to yield optimal results when there’s an existing audience. If you’re starting from scratch, this approach might not be the most suitable for you.

This product launch formula involves gradually revealing valuable videos and information to potential customers over the course of four days, building anticipation for the launch. On the fourth day, the cart opens for a brief period. Your prospective buyers are informed about limited spots or a time-sensitive opportunity to sign up and make a purchase.

This approach strategically creates both scarcity and urgency, compelling individuals to act swiftly. You can leverage the Product Launch Formula to introduce and sell your online course to an existing audience. Alternatively, if you’re still in the process of building an audience, you can integrate the product launch formula into a lead generation funnel and drive paid traffic to it. This comprehensive strategy not only aids in promoting your course but also facilitates the growth of your audience base.

4. Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Selling Online Courses

Leveraging affiliates is an important strategy to generate revenue from your online courses, and the success of enlisting affiliates largely hinges on your relationships. If you already have established connections with top affiliates, you’re at a distinct advantage. It will make the onboarding process smoother.

Even if you don’t currently have relationships with top affiliates, successful affiliate marketing for your course is still within reach. The key is to persuade at least one prominent affiliate with a substantial audience to promote your course. However, achieving this requires a proven track record. Top affiliates, given their selectivity, typically opt for individuals they know, like, and trust, or courses with a demonstrated history of successful sales.

For those unfamiliar with potential affiliates, the Dream 100 Strategy can be a game-changer. This involves identifying individuals with existing audiences or established entrepreneurs whom you aspire to partner with, creating a strategic approach to affiliate marketing success.

5. Content Marketing

While content marketing may not be the quickest route to generating income from selling online courses, it stands out as a potent approach when executed effectively. Content marketing involves creating content centred around the problem addressed by your online course, and this content naturally attracts attention from search engines like Google and Bing.

content marketing quality

The execution of content marketing occurs across various platforms. However, it is advisable to ensure that your online course is hosted on a domain you own. This will allow for better control over marketing efforts. You can utilize user-friendly software like ClickFunnels to build your online course and streamline the process. Subsequently, you can create content using the same software, focusing on the problem your online course aims to solve.

In addition, you can expand your content creation efforts both on your domain and beyond it. Utilize popular websites like Medium, Quora, and Reddit to disseminate content related to your course. You can push and promote your original content actively. 

While this strategy may not result in immediate course purchases, it gradually builds toward organic sales. This type of traffic is particularly valuable as it is highly relevant, and the best part is that you don’t have to pay for it. Over time, your content marketing efforts will contribute to a steady stream of organic sales for your online course.

6. Webinars – Make Money Selling Online Courses

Webinars have emerged as a highly effective method for generating revenue from the sale of online courses, particularly those priced at higher, more lucrative levels. They prove most advantageous for products valued at $997 and above. The success of webinars lies in their ability to deconstruct and reconstruct false beliefs that often obstruct the path to a sale.

False beliefs take various shapes and forms, with individuals unknowingly holding misconceptions about products or services. These misconceptions act as barriers to making a purchase. It often stems from prior unsatisfactory experiences with similar offerings. Subconsciously, potential customers may associate your online course with those past negative encounters due to these false beliefs.

Besides, internal false beliefs are another hurdle, where individuals, despite recognizing the potential value of your course, doubt their personal capabilities. This self-doubt may revolve around concerns about intelligence, skills, work ethic, or other factors. On the other hand, external false beliefs also play a role, with individuals fearing that external factors such as time constraints or financial limitations will impede their ability to benefit from the course.

To understand more about how webinars function, you can explore the Perfect Webinar Blueprint. Additionally, acquiring a copy of Expert Secrets will provide valuable insights into crafting webinars strategically, ensuring a swift and successful process for making money by selling your online courses. Following a specific structure for building webinars can significantly enhance your chances of success in maximizing revenue.

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7. Paid Ads

Employing paid ads is a highly effective strategy for monetizing your online courses, but it’s crucial to utilize them wisely. It’s recommended to run paid ads directed towards a front-end offer, such as a lead generation funnel or a webinar funnel. This approach not only increases the likelihood of converting visitors into buyers but also ensures the growth of your email list, even if immediate purchases aren’t made.

Paid ads serve as a powerful tool for guiding individuals through well-structured funnels. Without a funnel in place, your investment in ads may not yield optimal results. Funnels play an important role in the monetization process by capturing awareness, converting it into interest, and guiding prospects through stages that cultivate desire, ultimately prompting them to take action. This action could involve completing a lead form, submitting an application, or making a purchase.

Prior to running paid ads, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the process. Start with top-of-funnel ads to build awareness, then utilize a combination of ads and email marketing to guide individuals through the funnel, and finally steer them towards the desired action. While paid ads encompass various aspects, this strategic approach serves as an effective means to rapidly boost sales.

8. Facebook Groups – Make Money Selling Online Courses

Understanding your ideal customer and their characteristics allows you to locate them within Facebook Groups, which represent a valuable and largely untapped resource. However, tapping into this potential requires a specific approach. You must avoid spamming or incessant friend requests. The key to leveraging Facebook Groups successfully is centred on the principle of giving. You need to provide value before expecting anything in return.

Participating in groups with a focus on contributing value establishes reciprocity. Others within the group feel a sense of indebtedness for the assistance you provide, prompting curiosity about your identity. This curiosity often leads individuals to click on your profile, seeking a quick overview. Hence, maintaining a professional profile with information about your background and expertise becomes crucial.

The strategy involves giving without expecting immediate returns and demanding authenticity to be effective. When executed correctly, this approach can transform your Facebook profile into a powerful lead-generation tool, especially when targeting the right Facebook Groups. The potency of this method lies in its ability to build genuine connections and trust within your network, laying the groundwork for potential sales and the promotion of your online courses.

9. Social Media Marketing

Social media stands out as one of the most powerful methods for organic marketing. It can offer both speed and cost-effectiveness. Its global reach enables the creation of an audience numbering in the millions within a short timeframe. While it demands hard work, social media is unparalleled in its ability to sell online courses quickly and effectively, surpassing the impact of paid ads.

To harness social media marketing for increased course sales, it’s essential to cultivate a niche-specific audience directly related to your online course. You need to address potential objections comprehensively, utilizing in-depth videos to provide valuable insights. Besides, ensure that your social media profile includes a link to your lead generation funnel or, alternatively, a hero funnel.

A hero funnel, akin to a lead generation funnel, doesn’t always hinge on a lead magnet. It serves the purpose of inviting individuals to join your list or newsletter, bringing them into your sphere. Subsequently, it delivers value, which could take the form of a video introducing yourself, offering social proof, or other relevant content. Additionally, a hero funnel can be instrumental in encouraging individuals to follow you across all your social media accounts, fostering a more extensive and engaged online presence.

10. Pinterest – Make Money Selling Online Courses

Pinterest often gets overlooked as a platform for selling online courses, but it can be a powerful tool when utilized correctly. Serving as a vast search engine with extensive organic reach, Pinterest allows you to broaden your audience and increase course sales by posting relevant images. You may leverage Pinterest for marketing involves several effective approaches.

The first method involves creating Image Pins, which are widely popular on Pinterest. To make the most impact, ensure your Image Pins feature visually appealing graphics. You can enlist the help of freelancers on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer to create eye-catching pins with optimized descriptions and hashtags, directing users to your content.

Besides, there are other types of pins such as video pins, product pins, and rich pins. Video pins are particularly influential, serving as a tool to guide individuals into your lead funnel or webinars. Product pins are designed for selling products, and rich pins provide dynamic updates when a page is modified, including pricing and other details. However, the primary focus to boost online course sales should be on Image Pins and Video Pins, as these formats tend to be the most impactful on Pinterest.

Final Thoughts: 10 Ways To Make Money Selling Online Courses

In conclusion, venturing into selling online courses can be lucrative, provided you approach it with strategic planning and dedication. As technology continues to reshape the way we learn and acquire knowledge, there are various avenues to capitalize on the demand for online education. 

In essence, success in selling online courses lies in understanding your audience, delivering value, and employing a multi-faceted approach. By implementing these strategies and staying attuned to the evolving landscape of online education, you can turn your knowledge into a profitable venture and contribute meaningfully to the ever-expanding world of digital learning.

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