ClickFunnels SEO: How To Set Onsite SEO

If you’re using ClickFunnels, how can you set up your site so it ranks better organically? Here, we’ll be talking about how to set onsite SEO for ClickFunnels.

When you build your presence online, whether it’s a website or a sales funnel, you need the traffic to your page so you will get discovered. Typically, there are 2 ways to get traffic online. Organic and paid ways. For the paid way, we’re talking about buying ads. That’s a simpler way if you understand the concept of online advertising. Otherwise, your ads won’t be converting well. But then, it remains a good way to bring in traffic. Once you start paying ads platforms like Facebook or Google, instantly you’ll see traffic flowing into your page.

Organic Traffic

Another way is through organic search, which is free. But it does take longer to build your repo and rank on the search engine. One of the ways we use to get a higher rank on the search engine is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

There are a few onsite optimizations that you can do so search engines will rank you higher in the search results. And, why is this important? Well, do you ever click on a link even on the 2nd page of Google search results? The chances are near 0.

But, how should I rank on the first page? The competition is huge. Well, that’s why we don’t rank on hot keywords. If you’re trying to rank for words like SEO, social media, and making money online, chances are you’ll never rank. These keywords are ranked by those big players with good reputations & spending big money advertising online.

So, what should we do? We target long-tail keywords. These keywords are seldom the target for big players to rank, making it less competitive. Also, these keywords should have significant daily searches for you to rank.

What do you need to set up ClickFunnels SEO?

First of all, you’ll need a ClickFunnels account with a funnel ready.

Now, login to your account and go to the edit page. Then, navigate to the setting and select SEO metadata.

For onsite SEO, ClickFunnels offers a few most important parameters to be set. Which is, the page title, descriptions, target keywords, author and social image.

Video tutorial

Summary – ClickFunnels SEO

SEO is important for building long-term passive income as your traffic will start to snowball when search engine starts to rank your page higher. However, I don’t focus too much time doing it. This is because one thing that I found is that once the SEO algorithm for Google changes, your rank might drop overnight. But of course, this doesn’t mean SEO doesn’t work at all. Try it out yourselves and share your thoughts.

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