Your First Funnel Challenge Honest Review

Thinking about joining the Your First Funnel Challenge? Good choice.

But why are you not joining yet? Too expensive or not clear about what’s inside?

Today, we are going to share the 5-day Your First Funnel Challenge review. I personally joined the challenge and go through the entire journey. Hence, maybe I can explain a bit about it. 

In this review, I will share what’s inside the challenge, what it has to offer and what to expect. 

Hopefully, after reading this review, you will be able to decide whether the Your First Funnel Challenge is right for you. And also how to turn it into a highly profitable business with the sales funnel.

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What is The Your First Funnel Challenge?

First of all, Your First Funnel challenge is a 5-day online intensive course to get you started from scratch to build your business online. In the challenge, you will get to walk side-by-side with real-world entrepreneurs to launch your business idea. Not only that, the challenge is to design and build a business regardless of what industry you are in. As long as you require new leads or sales, you should join it.

The challenge is created by Russell Brunson and his company, ClickFunnels. As you know, Russell Brunson has a lot of connections with successful entrepreneurs both online and offline. And, the cost of getting them is worth more than anything. 

At the end of the challenge, you should be able to build the greatest funnel that magnetically attracts customers and new leads to your business.

Here’s what you can expect from the challenge.  

Day 1 – Funnel Hacking

On Day 1, you will learn everything about the latest sales funnel strategy and what sales funnel strategy is the most effective. 

This is very important training even if you already know a lot about the sales funnel. This is because the market is constantly changing. What was working last month might not be working this month.

By learning from industry experts, they will help you figure out which of these killer funnels works best for your particular business idea. All the top-tier funnels across different industries (such as finance, eCommerce, coaching, info products, and more) will be shared in the challenge.

Not only that, but the challenge will also show how to reverse engineer the sales funnel to build a perfect sales funnel for your business. Russell will walk you through step by step what is the funnel and how to create a high-converting sales funnel.

Day 2 – Your First Funnel

There is no time to waste here.

On Day 2, you will be shown the first funnel every business should start with. This doesn’t matter what industry you are in. You should always build the lead funnel and start collecting leads. And, in the challenge, they will share how to get your first funnel live as soon as possible with the plug-and-play funnel.

In order to help you to start with your first funnel, they are making it so simple that you can start to take action and get real results as soon as possible. 

To craft a high-converting funnel, a few elements like how to craft an irresistible headline and the five core follow-up emails were also taught during the challenge. 

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Day 3 – Hook, Story, Offer

On day 3, it will be a real case study of how ClickFunnels had grown from scratch to a multi-million dollar business now. And the secret behind this is something we call “Hook, Story, Offer”

At the end of the day, you will learn how to discover your unique selling point, and create a bait and story around it. Speak to your target audiences and present your offer.

Remember here, it’s the offer but not the product. 

A product is a single item that will be fighting with other competitors but an offer is unique where you provide more value by bundling different items, reducing the competition. 

Day 4 – Irresistible Ads

After you have crafted the sales funnel, sales copy and hook, story, offer are ready. It’s time to drive traffic to your sales funnel. 

On Day 4, you will learn behind the scene how top entrepreneurs drive tons of their dream customers to their funnels.

You’ll see how the top guy hunts for their dream customers. The customers that are looking for your offer. And, how to bring them in 24/7 and increase your conversion rate with a lower ad cost. 

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Day 5 – DO IT NOW!

The final day of the challenge where this day will focus on mindset. 

One of the things people don’t succeed in is their own limiting beliefs. Without the right mindset and determination, people tend to give up too easily. 

Next, you will learn also how to stack your offer to increase your average cart value and your revenue. Also, after completing all these front-end offers, we will share how to take action for long-term success. 

Plus The Following Bonuses (For Free!)

As mentioned before, you don’t sell a product. You are going to sell a bundle package as an irresistible offer. So, as with most other ClickFunnels, there is an irresistible offer here with lots of bonuses. 

Here are the add-ons you’ll get (for free) when you sign up for the Your First Funnel Challenge

Bonus #1: Free Virtual Event with The World’s Greatest Funnel BuildersYour First Funnel Challenge

Learn from the top of the industry. This will cut short your learning curve as they already walked through the path you are going to take. And, they already know the holes and obstacles along the journey. 

What’s better if they told you to hold to avoid the holes and their deepest secrets of success?

Getting a session with each of them will easily cost thousands of dollars. And we have six over here today. 

You’ll get to attend a virtual event with…

Bonus #2: Step-by-Step Plan To Build a Business in 30 days

If you are starting out, and not sure how to do it, you will be getting a 30 days book. Where Russell interviewed 30 top 2 comma club award winners to get their plan to start a new business from scratch in 30 days. 

The plan is so detailed that you can pick one, take action and get success.
Besides the book, you’ll also receive “Behind The Scenes” Video Recordings from each of our 2-Comma Club Winners

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Bonus #3: Other Training CoursesYour First Funnel Challenge

Think about this, how much would it be to get Tony Robbins and Dan Kennedy training courses? Probably costing thousands each. And this is included free in the “Your First Funnel” offer. 

You can view all the recordings and learn from the best from the comfort of your home. Anytime you want. 

Summary of the offer – Your First Funnel Challenge

If you decided to start today, below are all the items that you are going to get in the Your First Funnel Challenge, which values at over $8,745. All are included in the challenge for free. 

And what you need to do is just cover $29.95 For Printing, Shipping, & Handling if you are in the US. Everything else will be provided for free.

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Key Takeaway From The Your First Funnel Challenge

Now, after explaining what’s in the Your First Funnel Challenge, who you are going to learn from and what you are getting from the challenge. 

The last thing would be, how it will affect your life or the results you should expect after taking it. 

Here’s the thing. The challenge is designed to help and push you to get laser-focused on your offer, and dream customers and build a successful high-converting funnel. 

After the challenge, you will have the complete knowledge and skill to set up each step on your own. And also the skill and knowledge to build high-converting funnels that will help you scale your business to new heights.

And much, much more!

If you’re ready to transform your business and get results like never before, then join the Your First Funnel Challenge today!

Who is The Your First Funnel Challenge For? 

The Your First Funnel Challenge is perfect for any entrepreneur or business owner that wants to take their business to the next level by using high-converting funnels.

If you’re struggling to make sales and grow your business, then this challenge is definitely for you!

No matter what type of business you have, this challenge will show you how to set up a funnel that works for your specific offer and target market.

And the best part is… you don’t need any prior experience with funnels or marketing in order to get results from this challenge!

You’ll get everything you need… for free.

All you need to bring to the table is some excitement and urgency to take action on building the business of your dreams.

Your First Funnel Challenge Pricing

The great thing about the Your First Funnel Challenge is that it’s 100% free to join. You just need to cover the printing, shipping and handling costs for the physical books to bed delivered to you. 

All you need to do is sign up and attend all five days of lessons.

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Are You Ready for the Your First Funnel Challenge That Could Change Your Life?

The Your First Funnel Challenge is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to take their business to the next level.

You’ll learn how to set up a funnel that works for your specific offer and target market, and you don’t need any prior experience with funnels or marketing in order to get results from this challenge!

All you need to do now is sign up and attend all five days of lessons.

Simply click here to join your first funnel challenge.

We’ll see you inside!

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