June 13, 2024
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4 Phases in Network Marketing: How To Avoid It

In this article, we will discuss how network marketing changed with the proper digital marketing strategy. In a conventional network marketing scenario, typically your upline will teach how to first target your friends and family and then cold calling to new potential clients from the contact book.

But all this doesn’t guarantee any sales. In the end, you might end up wasting all your time without getting a good result.

In our experience with network marketing, most of us typically go through these 4 steps in our journey.

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Phase 1: No Friend Left

Our family members, relatives, and close friends might support our new business in the end. But then, not everyone will be interested in what we’re promoting. And in some cases, we never realize that but keep on talking about it. Soon, they will avoid meeting you as they don’t want to be your target customer.

Even if some accept your sales pitch and become your customer, this is not a good long-term strategy. You’ll run out of people and friends to sell to. And it’s not sustainable as well if you don’t grow out of your existing network. The word network marketing simply means networking is the most important for your success.

Phase 2: Anti-Sales Department

You see, if we’re trying to close our sales online, the most important is the checkout process. Unless you’re planning to take orders with your phone, WhatsApp, or call. Then, arrange for your own delivery. Nothing wrong with this. Excellent customer service. But if your business grow big and you need to fulfil so many order. Why don’t automate the process?

In most network marketing, for example, doesn’t focus on the online checkout process. Their website and shopping cart are often horrible and outdated. The checkout process is not optimized for better conversion rates. And, there is no analysis of how the sales performance and how to target the customer.

In doing business online, the most important element is your checkout process. You need to make it so simple that it doesn’t require much thinking to make the purchase decision.

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Phase 3: The clone wars

You see, this is another problem with the network marketing company. They’re teaching the same method to all their members to sell the same products. It ends up, with everything selling the same product to the same target market.

Unless your market is big enough, you’ll be facing huge competition from your same company. In order to succeed online, you need some pattern interruptions to create a deep impression for your target audience. Do things differently and customize your sales funnel & landing to be different from the rest.

Phase 4: Sustainability of Your Business

For a network marketing company, it is not only how good you’re selling the product. But also how your downline works selling it. You can be a great salesman but if your downline is unable to replicate your success, your business can never grow. The step of duplication is the most important. You need a system that is ready to be duplicated for your downline so that even without your presence, they can continue growing the business.

In order to escape this scenario, we created a sales funnel for all target audiences. You need to have a good process where you have a system that converts visitors to buyers. Read more about the sales funnel.

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