June 13, 2024
How To Create a Personalized Landing Page To Increase Conversion Rate

How To Create a Personalized Landing Page To Increase Conversion Rate

Content personalization is important. Whether you are using YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, TikTok or any other platforms, there is an algorithm backend that tags your preference and shows relevant content that you want to see. This personalization is important to keep their users longer on their platforms. And hence, it’s the same for your landing page. Creating a personalized landing page can help to increase your conversion rate and engagement rate. 

Customers are impatient and want to see messages or content that is relevant to them. Otherwise, they will lose interest and leave. And for your landing page, you only have less than 3s to impress them to stay and continue reading. 

This is why, you need to personalise your landing page based on your target market and audiences. 

In fact, according to McKinsey’s research, 71% of consumers expect personalization and 76% of consumers find it frustrating when brands show or recommend things that are not relevant to them.

So, how you personalized your landing page becomes the big question mark here. Today, we will be sharing a few tips on how to create a personalized landing page for your lead generation campaign. 

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What is a Landing Page?

personalized landing page

A landing page is a specific web page designed with a single focus – to convert visitors into leads or customers. Unlike other pages on a website that may serve multiple purposes, a landing page is finely tuned to prompt a particular action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or signing up for a newsletter. 

It is often the first point of contact between a potential customer and your business after they click on an online ad, social media post, or email link. The content and design of a landing page are crafted to guide visitors toward a desired outcome. This can provide a seamless and persuasive user experience.

One of its primary functions is to increase conversion rates. By presenting a clear and compelling message that aligns with the ad or link, a well-designed landing page can significantly boost the likelihood of conversion. Additionally, landing pages allow businesses to track and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns with precision. Through tools like Google Analytics, businesses can gather valuable data on visitor behaviour. It includes how long they stay on the page, which elements they interact with, and whether they complete the desired action.

Furthermore, landing pages contribute to enhanced marketing and advertising efficiency. By directing traffic to dedicated landing pages tailored to specific campaigns or promotions, businesses can tailor the content to match the expectations set by the marketing material. This consistency fosters a seamless transition for the visitor, reinforcing the message and increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Moreover, a well-optimized landing page can positively impact a business’s search engine rankings. This is because search engines often prioritize pages that provide relevant and valuable content.

What Is Personalization in Landing Page?

Personalization is a comprehensive concept encompassing diverse strategies aimed at customizing:

  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Sales Copy

to cater to individual customers or targeted customer segments. 

This incorporates techniques such as crafting personalized landing pages, segmenting email lists, utilizing marketing automation, integrating dynamic content, and implementing e-commerce personalization strategies based on individuals’ browsing and purchase histories, among other tactics.

Landing page personalization is crucial for optimizing user experience and driving conversion rates. Tailoring landing pages to individual visitors or specific audience segments allows businesses to deliver relevant and targeted content, aligning with the unique needs and preferences of each user. 

By presenting personalized messaging, offers, and visuals, businesses can enhance engagement, foster a sense of connection, and ultimately increase the likelihood of desired actions, such as conversions or sign-ups. This not only improves overall user satisfaction but also contributes to a more efficient and effective digital marketing strategy, maximizing the impact of each visitor’s interaction with the landing page.

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Should You Personalize Your Landing Pages?

Should You Personalized Your Landing Pages?

The short answer is yes. But do it strategically. 

If you are not sure what to sell, or just starting out, you can go wide to find your voice and customer interest. And once you have your niche, then you can start personalizing your landing page. 

Personalization is an advanced conversion rate optimisation method that should be implemented once you have all the basics in place.

For example, if you are selling a fitness product, you are not going to target the health niche. Instead, you are targeting the sub-niche like weight loss, bodybuilding or nutrition. From here, you can further niche down to a keto diet, or intermittent diet. 

With your sub-niche defined, you will naturally personalize your content based on the sub-niche. This is because you have identified your target audience and their interest. It is easier to speak their language. And with that, you can now be identified as part of their community and the influential figure that can provide solutions to them. 

Create a Lead Generation Funnel For Each Customer Segment

One of the best ways to generate leads online is to create a lead generation funnel. A lead generation funnel is a simple two-page funnel that brings in potential customers, offers them freebies, and collects their contact details. 

In short, 

  1. You create a lead magnet.
  2. You create a landing page to offer that lead magnet and collect their details.
  3. You drive traffic to that landing page.

1. Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a complimentary resource extended to prospective customers in exchange for their email addresses. It can encompass various formats such as ebooks, webinars, video courses, email courses, or video masterclasses that can be downloaded or accessed online. 

lead magnet

The key to an effective lead magnet lies in its ability to provide a solution to a problem the potential customer is struggling with. And ideally, it aligns with or is closely related to the issue addressed by your paid product or service. It is essential to recognize that the lead magnet functions not only as an enticement to attract potential customers but also as the cornerstone of your entire sales funnel. 

Consequently, the value of the lead magnet should not be underestimated. Despite being offered at no cost, it plays a pivotal role in cultivating engagement and paving the way for subsequent sales interactions.

2. Create a Personalized Landing Page For That Lead Magnet

Once you have your lead magnet created, you should now create a landing page to sell it. You can either offer it for free or with a very low price to filter potential buyers. The action of buying is different even if you are paying for a small amount compared to getting a free item. 

There will be two pages on the lead generation landing page. 

Squeeze page funnel

Page 1 will be a simple page with an eye-catching headline, subheadline, an image or video of your lead magnet and a contact form. You may add some form of sales letter to further elaborate the benefits of your lead magnet. But these basic elements are enough in most cases. 

Page 2 will be a Thank you page where you can have a video to thank them for claiming the lead magnet and signing up for your mailing list. Here, you can tell them what they can expect from your upcoming emails and how to claim the lead magnet. 

In this step, we strongly recommend that you use a landing page template to start with. Most landing page builders like ClickFunnels provide a library of proven, high-converting landing page templates that you can grab and use. The variation provided is suitable for most of the industry. All you need to do is to pick one and start customizing it. 

The landing page builders are designed so that anyone can start and use it without any technical skill. The elements are in modular form and you can adjust them with just drag and drop. 

3. Driving Traffic to That Landing Page

Once you are done with your lead generation landing page, it’s time to start driving traffic.

We always recommend to start this process with paid advertising. Paid traffic stands out for its targeted, predictable, and scalable nature. And of course, instant. Once you run your ads and start paying, the ad platform will start showing your ads to the target audience. 

website traffic

Leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok offer advertising options. Choose the platform that aligns most closely with your business, develop a well-crafted ad campaign to promote your lead magnet, and commence running it with a modest daily budget. 

This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your ads and optimize for profitability. Once you’ve identified a profitable approach, you can gradually scale your campaign by incrementally increasing your daily ad budget. This strategic progression enables you to leverage the benefits of paid advertising efficiently and effectively drive traffic to your lead magnet landing page.

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4. Test and Optimize!

This is just the first step. To create a high-converting landing page, you need to further optimize and create personalized ones for different audience groups.

For instance, the landing page for men and women can be different in colour or the design to resonate with them better. You can duplicate the landing page easily to create different variations and test which one works better. 

This is important not only for your landing page but also for your email list segmentation. By creating segments for your email list, you can craft better and more personalized emails 

You never know which works better without proper testing. With your experience, you may be able to guess which works better. But with digital marketing, the data speaks. When you split-test different designs, you can optimize your landing page for a better conversion rate. 

Build a Survey Funnel that Allows You to Personalize Your Landing Pages to Each Customer Segment

An effective strategy for personalizing landing pages involves the creation of a survey funnel. This dynamic approach guides diverse individuals to distinct sales funnels from a single entry point. This funnel structure typically consists of three pages: a survey, a squeeze page based on survey results, and a thank-you page aligned with those results. 

By driving traffic to the survey page and subsequently directing respondents to specific lead generation funnels based on their survey answers, you can tailor your approach to individual preferences. 

Survey Funnel

The recommended survey structure includes self-identifying questions about demographics, situational context, skill level, challenges faced, personal struggles, and curiosity-based inquiries. 

The initial “bucket question” determines the subsequent sales funnel direction. While simpler lead generation funnels suffice for businesses targeting distinct customer segments, survey funnels prove valuable for enterprises addressing varied problems. 

For instance, a fitness business targeting both sexes with a range of services (e.g., weight loss, muscle building, prehab/rehab) benefits from a survey funnel. This sophisticated approach allows businesses to categorize individuals based on sex and specific fitness goals. Hence, directing them to relevant lead magnet landing pages.  Also, if the person who directs people to new page will be beautiful and famous, like Natalie Portman. People will be more interested following these pages

In such cases, maintaining distinct email lists for sexes but using segmentation for overlapping fitness goals ensures effective communication. It’s important to note that survey funnels may generate fewer but higher-quality leads due to the survey acting as a barrier, a factor to consider based on lead quantity versus quality optimization goals.

Also, based on their response, you can know more about them and their interests. And since they are answering the questions in your survey funnel, it creates an interaction for them. 

Final Thoughts: Build Personalized Landing Pages That Convert

Personalized landing pages are important to resonate with your potential customers and increase your conversion rate. As people are impatient, personalized content can match their interests better hence, getting them to read more.

To build a personalized landing page, you can use a professional landing page builder that provides drag and drop visual editor, proven landing page templates and split testing function to optimize your landing page. 

Sign up for the free trial here and start building your landing page now. There is no string attached and you can cancel it freely if you want. There is no risk or cost for you at all trying. 

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