How To Use Daily Seinfeld Email Method

Had you been suffering from sending a daily email to your email list? How often shall email be sent for your email to your audience so that they don’t unsubscribe from our list or ignore your email?

How the Daily Seinfeld Email method can help to write daily emails faster.

An email list is the most important asset of a business online. It’s your potential customers and leads on the list. A group of people that know you and you can convert them easily without needing to pay for the traffic.

All you need to do is to build the list and nurture it well. This is so that when you eventually wanted to promote a new product, they will be more likely to make the purchase.

Read more about building the lead generation campaign here.


My emails switched from 100% content to 90% entertainment and just 10% content, and my readership, opens, clicks, and sales all skyrocketed with the change. Informative emails are boring to read, but how your audience can build a relationship with your Attractive character needs to be fun and entertaining. Both of you will be like friends rather than another company or brand that just wants to take their money.

By doing this, you can close them invisibly and reduce their resistance to buying from you.

How To Use The Daily Seinfeld Email Method

First, if you don’t have an autoresponder yet, you can sign up for GetResponse here. We’re using this for all our email marketing campaigns as it is so easy to view and change the email flow in it.

The secret to keeping your subscribers happy to hear from you every day is to be entertaining. Just talk about your day. Talk about something they can relate to and make fun of. That’s why you need an attractive character.

By having someone in your business that they can relate to and make fun of, it is easier for them to remember you. Not only include it in your email sequence but also post daily videos of your life. For example, if you’re eating or walking outside, simply do a live broadcast on Facebook or Instagram and show them your lifestyle. So, they’ll feel closer to you.

These are emails about nothing. Just random episodes and entertaining stories. EXCEPT … they have a purpose. The goal is to lead people back to whatever you’re selling. It might be your core offer or some other product or service. Your goal for sending out emails is to make money. So, be very sure that you have some way to close them in the email and link back to your landing page.

You can do it by having a PS at the end of the email or using words like “By the way, did you know ________ ?Well, ___________ and _______. Check it out here” or “One more thing, ______________”. It seems more natural and blended into your email well.

Final Thought

Many marketers had not really implemented the email marketing strategy well. They find it hard to send regular emails and get a high open rate. We totally understand that. We have all been through the same process. But after we implement the daily Seinfeld email method, immediately it feels more relaxing to write a new high-converting email.

Finally, do remember to claim your free book here.

Totally worth reading more than once to understand the book well.

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