How To Promote ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

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Clickfunnels has one of the best affiliate programs known with a recurring commission of up to 40% for every signup to their platform. When anyone remains to be a member, you will get paid 40% recurring as long as the person is active. As an affiliate, the most important is to join a good affiliate program that the company itself cares about its affiliates. Today we are going to discuss ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

Apart from the main program for ClickFunnels monthly subscription, ClickFunnels also offers a variety of products like books, webinars, and training. And the products that they offer really are of the top for digital marketers.

For example, the One Funnel Away Challenge that ClickFunnels is offering. With just $100 dollars, you\’re getting a full month of training by 3 legendary mentors. One of them is the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson together with 2 top digital marketers Julie and Steve Larsen.

Read my full review of One Funnel Away Challenge here. And if you decided to join under my link. I\’ll be guiding you throughout the challenge as well. Also, I\’ll be sending one of the latest books from Russell Brunson, Traffic Secrets for free. Just simply signup for the challenge and send your proof to our “Contact Us” section. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

How Is the Payment?

Clickfunnels affiliates can choose to receive payments through PayPal or Cheque. PayPal users receive their commission weekly, but there is a $50 minimum. However, Cheque users receive their payments in monthly instalments. You can choose either one based on your preference.

What Do Sticky Cookies Do?

Sticky Cookies is how Clickfunnels affiliate marketing software uses to track the earnings of each affiliate. For instance, once someone clicked on your affiliate link, a sticky cookie is saved. So after this, for any purchases that a person made on ClickFunnels, you will get the commission.

How Do I Promote ClickFunnels?

This is one of the differences that ClickFunnels offer. You can either choose to directly promote their software, ClickFunnels, and get paid commissions for the monthly subscription. Or you can promote other front-end products like books or webinars which have a lower barrier for someone to signup. For example, this is a link for the Lead Funnels. This product is low cost while providing value and qualified buyers.

From there, there is a series of upsells followed and if you heard about ClickFunnels before, Russell spends a lot of ads. And if someone clicked your link and makes a purchase, even if they make a subsequent purchase from ClickFunnels ads, you will get paid as well as your sticky cookies are attached to them. Unless they clear the cookies.

Additional Reward for ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

One of the best additional rewards for the ClickFunnels Affiliate program would be the dream car award. How these works is when you hit 100 active members, ClickFunnels will pay $500 a month for your dream car. And if you hit 200 active members, ClickFunnels will double the reward to $1000 to pay for your dream car. And of course, there are some rules that need to follow like what model of cars. You can check the rules for the dream car award here.

The final suggestion is never to promote something that you never use before. So, to get started, you can signup for their 14-day free trial below :

And to get you started, I will suggest joining the free Affiliate Bootcamp

Alternatively, if you would like to join the Your First Funnel Challenge, you can join it here.

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