LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels: The Ultimate Review 2024

During the years of building my business online, I had been using both LeadPages and ClickFunnels. And now, the main platform for my company to build a sales funnel is ClickFunnels. Both these platforms had the pros and cons of building landing pages and sales funnels. Today, we’re going to discuss LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels, and which should you use.

So, first of all, I would like to introduce a bit of what is a landing page or sales funnel is before going into the comparison between these platforms.

What are Landing Page & Sales Funnels

A landing page is a page where you direct your traffic to and land your customers. It can be your homepage, a specific product page or just a simple page to collect their contact details. It shall be a page where they don’t need to do complicated decisions. It’s normally something like yes or no to get them to take immediate action.

A sales funnel on the other way, usually, has a few steps to convert a lead to a customer and upsell more products to them.

What Is LeadPages

LeadPages as its name is a simple platform to build landing pages to collect leads. LeadPages is a professional landing page builder with drag-and-drop features and tonnes of ready templates. Everyone can build a simple landing page with it.

Drag & Drop for LeadPages

What Is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, can design your entire sales process and funnel steps on it. ClickFunnels offer tonnes of professionally designed and proven to convert sales funnel template for you to start with.

Not only that, one of the very important features that all online marketers need is to be able to split test different landing pages. You might want to split-test the headline, content, colour scheme, funnel step, and so on. To do that, simply create a variation of the page built and modify it from there.

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels


  • Creates entire sales funnels – ClickFunnels has out-of-the-box funnels designed to do convert leads to customers. Not only that, you can easily share the sales funnels with your prospects with the share funnel function.
  • All-in-one solution – ClickFunnels is the only selling solution that most businesses need. You can buy a domain, create a landing page, sales process, email marketing, and create an affiliate program. All on the same platform. But of course, you need an advanced plan to get all these. But the basic plan is enough for building a high-converting sales funnel. Not only that, ClickFunnels offer integrations to most platforms if you require them.
  • High-converting and dead-simple to use – With ClickFunnels, you can create or clone a sales funnel to your funnel instantly with just a click. Then, modify the content based on your business. No professional designer or competent coder is required.


  • Slightly more expensive than LeadPages — The basic Plan for ClickFunnels starts at $97. Although it might seem expensive, it is totally worth it for the result it makes. ClickFunnels offers more capabilities and you can also make a lot more using our high-converting sales funnels.

Pros and Cons of Leadpages


  • Professional landing pages Builder — If you just want to create a single page, then Leadpages might be the way to go. 
  • Cheaper than ClickFunnels — Since Leadpages offers a landing page builder only, it’s less expensive than ClickFunnels as the features are also lesser. 
  • Relatively simple to use — Leadpages is also simple to use. They have a drag-and-drop visual editor that makes creating your landing pages quick and easy. 


  • Only creates landing pages — This depends on what you need. If you just wanted a landing page, LeadPages is definitely good to go. But if you need more features to build an entire sales funnel, then ClickFunnels is what you need.


The good news is both ClickFunnels and Leadpages have a 14-day free trial. You can try both platforms before deciding on which one to use. Or you can just follow my steps without wasting your time testing it out.

The ClickFunnels free trial is over here and the Leadpages free trial is over here

ClickFunnels is $97/month for the basic plan and $297/month for Platinum.

Leadpages is $37/month for Standard, $74/month for Pro.

Clearly, you will need to pay more for ClickFunnels monthly compared to LeadPages, but it is a trade-off. As mentioned in the previous part, you’ll be getting more features like an entire sales funnel, membership site, payment gateway, domain registration capabilities, landing pages, opt-in forms, and a shopping cart that can replace your current website. But with Leadpages, you’re going to get the ability to create a landing page or multiple landing pages.

Both platforms are great at what they provide and are the pioneers in their space. What you need to do is to decide, whether you want to build an entire sales funnel that guides the prospect down your sales funnel or just a landing page to land your prospect.

Conclusion – LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels

LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels which one should you choose?

We had explained clearly the main difference between the 2 platforms here and the features here. Now, you will need to decide whether you already have a good sales system and only requires another landing page for your business or if you need something to build your online sales process.

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