How To Integrate ClickFunnels With Shopify

You might be confused now. Why do I need both platforms if both are used to sell things? Here, we will be showing how you can enjoy the benefit of How To Use ClickFunnels With Shopify together. for me, I would suggest this way. The conversion rate for a Shopify store is low. In fact, the benchmark is only 1.75%.

What does this mean? For every 100 visitors, you might be getting 1.75 sales. Well, this is ridiculous as you need to bring so many visitors to your site in order to get one sale.

On the other hand, the Sales funnel helps to increase the conversion rate as it is built to optimize the sales process.

If you’ve been in eCommerce before, you’ll know that the customer journey is the most important and the key deciding factor of your conversion rate. Moreover, since the traffic cost is so high, we need to optimize our page for the best conversion. Now, we would like to first compare the sales journey between a Shopify store and a Sales Funnel on ClickFunnels. To simplify the comparison, we will be comparing a one-product store.

Sales journey for a Shopify Store

For a typical Shopify eCommerce store, it takes 5 steps on average to capture your contact details before reaching the checkout page. You can check the sample optimized sales journey below for a customer at a Shopify store. Without considering other pages that you might have such as the about page, contact us, and others.

Sales journey for a ClickFunnels Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel, on the other hand, you can have all these functions on the landing page, and keep for upselling and down-sell on the second and third pages. The difference between a sales funnel and a website is the page structure. We explained this in our previous post. On the other hand, a sales funnel is a guided journey step-by-step like you’re holding your customer’s hand down the sales journey. This can ensure they do what you design for them.

You can have a look at the 4-page sales funnel below that is commonly used to sell both physical and digital products.

You see, on the first page, the first step we do is to capture their contact details. This is the most valuable asset in our business. The email list that you collected, you can access them anytime for future product offers.

Wait. We’re a bit off-topic. Let’s go back to our main topic. How To Use Clickfunnels With Shopify to grow our business in the long term.

Clickfunnels With Shopify

Yes, we don’t land our visitors on a Shopify store as it doesn’t convert that well. It is easier for us to land them on our ClickFunnels landing page and guide them through our sales funnel.

Through this, we can have the benefits of both platforms. Our sales journey will become like this. Remember the offer wall we have at the final step of our funnel? Yes, you guess it right. The offer wall is actually showing all the products available in our Shopify store and will redirect them over there to continue shopping.

By doing this, we can grow our email list and increase our conversion in the first phase of our selling process. And, in the second phase, we can present more offers for them for all varieties of products that we are selling in our business.

To start building your business on both platforms, we have an exclusive link below that offers free trials. Now, you may start to build your first sales funnel or Shopify store today. We have other training guides on this website that can guide you through the process.

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