How Can You Make Money with PLR Products?

If you are struggling to create your own lead magnets or content, this is a quick hack to solve your problem. Previously, I had shared how to create lead magnets fast using an ebook creator called Sqribble. But today here’s another hack to leverage other ready products to make money. So, How can you make money with PLR products?

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What are PLR Products?

First of all, PLR stands for private label rights. PLR products refer to materials such as articles, ebooks, and video courses which can be used almost as if you created them yourself. This type of content is extremely valuable for people such as content creators, marketers, coaches, and consultants, especially if they rely on inbound marketing to generate business.

Compared to copying other’s products, you may have copyright infringement issues. You actually can leverage the private labelling rights and make it your own content.

There are so many different PLR stores out there that provide lots of such content, but getting a high-quality one is hard.

Below are the 3 PLR stores which I always bought my PLR products from. I don’t get paid recommending these 3 stores as I am not affiliated with them. These are just my personal recommendations from my experience.


How to make money with PLR Products

Now, select the PLR products based on your niche and I will share how to make money with PLR products. In this section, I will be sharing 19 ways to get started and make money with PLR products.

1. Use PLR to build your list and get subscribers. 

When we want to build an email list, we need to give a reason for our audience to give us their contact details. We need to bribe them so they will get something in exchange for their contact details. Not only that, we should be giving them some values to show that we are the right person that they should follow and subscribe to.

For this, we always create simple lead magnets like cheat sheets, guides, reports, or videos. By using Private Label Rights or Resale products, we can cut short the product creation process. We can directly purchase the PLR product from those PLR stores as mentioned above and add on our unique chapters or better titles/headlines so people will want to get it.

2. Provide mini-courses with PLR products

Instead of investing our time and money to come out with our own products that may not sell. We can use PLR products to provide mini-courses and deliver them to our audience. It can be a low-ticket course that they can sign up for and learn on their own for just $7 or even free.

And during the course, we can promote other related products that can help to accelerate their success. This can be an affiliate product as well where you promote other’s products and get paid commissions.

For example, I can have a short course about digital marketing. And in the course, I will be sharing the tools required to complete the task. Of course, the tools recommended will be the ones that I am affiliated with. So, when they click on the affiliate link and sign up. I will get paid commissions.

That’s how we can survive by creating free content anyway.

Get Started with 52 Ready Built PLR Funnel Templates

3. Affiliate Marketing

For affiliate marketing, depends on your strategy. You may use PLR products in 2 ways.

1. Building a squeeze page for affiliate marketing

This will be a 2-page sales process where you capture their leads and explain your offer before sending them to the affiliate link. On your lead magnet opt-in page, here is where you offer the PLR product in exchange of their contact details. This will be used for follow-up and future upsell.

2-step affiliate marketing sales process

2. Content marketing

You can write blog posts using PLR and then insert your affiliate links in the post. When they are interested to know more and click on the affiliate link, this is where you earn commissions when they make a purchase.

3. Create reports

A report is normally a PDF that provides information on a particular topic or subject matter.  This shall be short and precise so that your audience can have instant value from it. This is particularly important as no one really reads a 100-page ebook to get value.

People are impatient, and giving them instant values will make them subscribe earlier to your list.

You can also sell the report as a low-ticket product to qualify buyers.

4. Sell ebooks

Compared to writing the whole book yourself, you can add a preface to the PLR products and sell them directly on your sites. This is a shortcut to writing a long book on your own and your can start earning.

Sometimes, don’t think too much about content. This is not the main factor that makes someone buy the book. The cover and title make the difference. A good title is more important than good content.

5. Bonuses for eCommerce

When selling online, one challenge is the price war with your competitor. This is what you don’t want as it hurts your profit and the entire industry.

So, what we can do is create a bundle offer where we offer something with high perceived value to our potential buyers.

6. Membership Site

We talked about this briefly before this. We can create a membership section on our website that is only accessible to paid customers. Now, this can be a video course series that you can start with a PLR course, and then update with other PLR content or your own content as your business grow.

Get Started with 52 Ready Built PLR Funnel Templates

Final Thought – How Can You Make Money with PLR Products?

PLR is like an unfair advantage if you know how to use it and how to get quality PLR products. For us, we always use it as our lead magnets on our squeeze page. By using PLR products, we can have different PLR products bundled with our products or just give them away for free.