How To Build A Physical Product Sales Funnel That Converts

A physical product sales funnel compared to an eCommerce store is, you simply don’t send people to your eCommerce store directly. The beauty of a sales funnel is that it’s dead simple to sell just about anything. Every section is designed to increase your conversion rate.

A sales funnel is simply: Launch your product, create your sales funnel, drive traffic, sell, sell, sell.

But why isn’t everyone using sales funnels to sell products?

Given the popularity of informational products (e-books, webinars, and courses) with lower overhead and a smaller price point, it’s easier for anyone to start by selling a digital product. Something that you create once and keep selling it.

Consider also some of the mental barriers that customers run into when it comes to buying physical products. You can address all these doubts in the sales funnel and remove them from them.

Why Use Sales Funnel?

Compared to an eCommerce store, it is always a more simplified sales process by using a sales funnel. For example, an eCommerce store will take 4-5 pages from the landing page -> product page -> cart page -> shipping page -> payment, just to get their contact details and complete the purchase.

And, in most cases, the potential customer went missing in the middle of the journey.

This is not good as you are losing your sales.

Instead, for a sales funnel, the landing page will be the product page, which doubles as the lead generation page and the checkout page.

And on each page in a sales funnel, you are leading the prospects to make a simple decision.

But… what should your physical product funnel look like? How can you craft a sales funnel that sells physical products?

We use this tool we call the Tripwire Funnel.

The Tripwire Funnel: The Perfect Funnel For Selling Products

The tripwire sales funnel is a method by which you can sell physical products one page at a time. And the best part is, it’s psychologically proven to work.

Here’s how it works.

2-step tripwire funnel

Two-Step Sales Page

First, the prospect goes to the sales page where they can enter their shipping and account information. The trick here is to make this product an irresistible offer and a no-brainer price for your target market — something that they just have to buy. And in the page itself, we are using the 2-step order form where the prospect will enter their contact details here before making payment in step 2 on the same page.

With this, you are collecting their contact details for email marketing and further communication if they are not buying this time. Or even sharing them with the next product promotion.

After they enter their information and click the button at the bottom of the form, they will go to the second page of the tripwire funnel, which we call the OTO or One-Time-Offer page. This is where you offer them the real product that you want to sell them at a discount or price they can’t resist. 

OTO Page – One-Time Offer

Since they already input their credit card details on the first page, it is automatically copied into this page. When they click on the button, they will be billed automatically. And the best is, it is a no-brainer deal, making a yes & no decision only.

Which is so easy for anyone to make.

Offer Wall Page – Thank You Page

Finally, the prospect goes to the confirmation page. This page is actually an “offer wall” page, which contains a review of what they just purchased plus a few other options for them to tack onto their purchase.

On the final page, it is important to have an offer wall for those who want to buy more. They can always visit your eCommerce store from here and continue shopping.

The tripwire sales funnel converts like clockwork — and you can use it to sell physical products all day long.

Your Physical Product Sales Funnel Does NOT Have To Be Perfect (It’s All About Conversions)

There is this thing that most new funnel builders are trapped in. Being too focused on building a perfect funnel and ending up never launching it after a long time. This is very true especially if you’re building a funnel for the first time.

Instead, you should be ready… shoot … aim. But not ready… aim… shoot…

Shoot first, and then aim and shoot again. Optimize your funnel along the way and split test to get the best conversion rate.

In fact, no matter how many funnels you build, you only need one funnel to succeed. Like what Russell always says, you are One Funnel Away From………

Turning your traffic into dollars and cents is the dream of every online marketer; however, many fail because they don’t have a conversion optimization strategy in place.

Think about it.

You can have a killer product that’s proven to sell.

A beautiful website and sales funnel.

Good and quality traffic is directed to your sales page via organic and paid ways.

But still, you are not making enough money.

People are not buying from you. Your conversion rate is very low.

This is why we need to always optimize our sales funnel to increase the conversion rate.

How to Increase Physical Product Sales Funnel Conversion Rate

A sales page or a landing page consists of different sections and elements.

It is very important that every element on your page is designed to increase the conversion rate.

Here are some tips for you to get started:

  • Add more curiosity to your headlines to increase conversions
  • Create a lead magnet to grow your list
  • Build Your sales page for optimum conversion
  • Offer an order form “Bump” to increase sales
  • Keep the buying loop open to identify hyperactive buyers
  • Create an “offer wall” to ascend buyers up to your value ladder
  • Advanced tip: Add a webinar to your thank you page to increase sales

These are the basics that you can start with.

Read more on the details on how to increase the conversion rate here

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