June 13, 2024
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How To Make $100 a day From Home

Today we\’re going to talk about a small goal which is How To Make 100 a day From Home. We will set a few restrictions for this challenge.

  • Strictly working from home with a computer, internet access, and smartphone.
  • Creating a passive income flow that continues even after the challenge ends.
  • No startup fund, aka start from 0.

Preparation Stage – How To Make 100 a day

To start this challenge, we need to plan what we\’re going to do during this challenge and how shall we achieve the targets. Be it selling 2 $50 products or 1 $100 product. It is very important that we focus on the goal and pick the right product. We will be using the business model called affiliate marketing for this challenge.

We will be starting with the One Funnel Away Challenge by ClickFunnels. Well, this is a $100 dollars 30 days training program run by Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels. He had a track record of building ClickFunnels from scratch to a $ 100 million dollar company in 3 years without any VC. So, if you want to learn, learn from the expert.

And well, for promoting this product. ClickFunnels will be paying you the full $100 commission for every purchase. This is How To Make 100 a day From Home.

How Do We Promote?

First of all, since we’re starting from zero, paid ads will not be an option at this moment. We’ll be starting with organic traffic.

First, we’ll need to research this market and the Facebook Groups that our target audience hangs out with. Then, create our new social media account and YouTube account. We would want to optimize the account so that people will know what we’re doing and slowly recognize us as an authority.

Next, ideally, we will want to post relevant content every morning in the Facebook Group, giving out values for the members. After a week, we will be approaching the group owner and ask for an interview session or collaboration to promote our products in a webinar to their group members. The interview can be used for our media content to share on YouTube or other platforms.

Creating Valuable Content

Here we would use 1 weekend to create as much content as possible for the next 3 months. We will first go to Buzzsumo to brainstorm ideas that are engaging on the internet. Then we will be talking about it or giving suggestions for the topics.

Since we have our smartphones with us, we will be using that to record all our videos. Smartphones now do provides quite a good video quality anyway. Next, we will do some basic editing to the video and add thumbnails to each of them. Then placed it in different folders to be posted. All these can be scheduled to be posted automatically without us doing it manually. Or, when we start making some revenue, we can always outsource this job to our VA.

So, our job is to focus on recording the video, and the VA will be doing the video editing and posting job.

Writing Emails for Email Marketing

In this part, we will be writing 2 different email sequences. Soap Opera Email Sequence & the Daily Seinfeld Email Sequence.

Soap Opera email sequence

This is a 5 days email sequence that is sent automatically when somebody joins your list for the first time. It’s the tools to build a bond between them and you quickly. But why is it’s call soap opera?

Well, if you’ve never watched a soap opera before, here’s how it works. The stories rely on open-ended, high-drama episodes that hook the viewers in and keep them coming back every single day to find out what happens next.

The programs are continuous narratives that never conclude. The characters are always either getting into trouble or getting out of trouble, falling in love or breaking up, heading to jail or escaping, dying, or magically re-appearing. If you relate to the characters, you can’t help but get sucked into the drama and want to know what’s coming next.

Here we’re going to do the same thing by offering values that hook our audience in every email and keep the loop open so they will be looking forward to the next one. In this email sequence, we will be embedding our offer in some of the emails so they don’t resist it so much.

Daily Seinfeld Email Sequence

You see, we received so many emails every day. And so, what makes us open and read the entire email? Entertaining. No one likes to read a long boring email. And it’s also harder to write a great long email daily.

But then, if you switch to 90% entertainment and just 10% content, the open rate and clickthrough rate will be increased. Why? This is because the reader won’t feel like they’re being sold a product in the email. Instead, the email is entertaining and easy to read. We called this invisible closer.

How to get Traffic

As mentioned, we’re going to start with free traffic. But it will take time if we’re going entirely the SEO way. But that can be our long-term strategy to build a passive income stream.

Now, we will be focusing on social media authority as well as YouTube videos and training guides. Then, we will need to build a landing page to collect their email address and build connections with them through the email we prepared in the previous stage.

To build a landing page, we’ll be using ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels offer a 14-day free trial so we’re good to start with zero money. Read our full guide on how to build a landing page with ClickFunnels here.

Summary – How To Make 100 a day From Home

Now that we have all the steps ready, it’s time to take it live and make it works.

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