How To Build Success Affiliate Marketing Business with Sales Funnel

I started affiliate marketing a few years back and had not been getting huge success at the beginning. I had no sales process in place for my affiliate marketing business and merely spamming the links around which is very wrong. After struggling for a few months, there is no way close to the target.

Then one day, I found out someone else who is promoting the same product that I do and is having quite a significant traffic visiting their webpage monthly. Out of curiosity, I went on and click on their page and analyze their sales process.

Rather than what I had been doing, with a complicated website, their landing page is clear and precise. All information on the landing page is structured so that it is easy to read and understand. Not only that, there are only very few buttons or links on the webpage that will bring me to other pages on the websites. Instead, there is one big button “Yelling” at me, “CLICK ON ME”.

And on the next page, there are only 3 things. Logo, CTA button, and a video. That’s all.


How can it be so simple? Well, the secret is here. One short video to thank them for signing up and briefly explain to them what the button below will bring them to.

Bridge Funnel For Affiliate Marketing

Of course, the button will link them to the affiliate product page. That’s why we need to tell them what to expect on another page. If we have exclusive bundle offers that work with the affiliate product, we can explain them here and give them more reasons to buy on the second page. Now, when the button is clicked, they will reach the affiliate sales page which is highly optimized for conversion. Your job stops here for those who are making a purchase. But what else, we have lots more who enter step 1 or 2 but have not decided to make a purchase.

Usually, this accounts for over 80% of the visitors. This is the group of people you want to focus on. Nurture them and convert them into buyers. I am using ClickFunnels to build my sales funnel due to its simplicity. You can also get a 14-day ClickFunnels free trial. Also, I had a full review of the software.

2-steps affiliate funnel

You see, this is the process of an affiliate marketing sales process which we called bridge funnel. We create a simple bridge page that only does one thing, bridge the visitors to our offer. People tend to overcomplicate things but what really needs to be done is an attractive title and subtitle, Free Lead Magnets, Countdown Timer, and Contact forms. These 5 elements are the most important on your bridge page. You may add some explanations on what to expect in the lead magnet, that’s all. IT ONLY NEEDS TO COLLECT CONTACT DETAILS AND SEND THEM TO THE NEXT PAGE.

Email Marketing Strategies

Now, there are important steps in all online businesses. The contact list that you collected. No matter whether are you in an online or offline business, the contact list or email list is what scaling your business needs. There was this small restaurant in my neighbourhood area, which is not doing well for the past few months as fewer people visited the city. The owner is struggling to keep the business profitable. One day, when I was talking to him, we figured out how we can work together to revive his business. In the first stage, we have a big bowl at the restaurant entrance for the customer to leave their name cards or contact details.

To motivate them to leave their contact details, we do have a $5 voucher for all who signed up. Seems like losing money to give out vouchers, but not really. This is the cost per acquisition for your customers. You pay to collect their contact details without actually paying them money. It’s a voucher they need to spend money in the restaurant to claim it.

Naturally, it will be more willing for them to provide you with their contact details. What you can do with the list.

Having a list is like having a money-printing machine when the quality of your list is high. Once they are signed up for our list, we can start adding them to our email sequence. Typically it will be a 5 days email sequence with promotion about the restaurant, sharing the top foods, events, and activities. When they have seen your email on the tempting foods, it will make them want to visit your restaurant and eat. Not only that, your $5 voucher just gave them another reason to visit your shop. This is what I call a win = win situation.

The same things go for online affiliate marketing when someone enters your landing page and does not purchase after submitting their contact details and claiming the free offer. You can follow up with them through email marketing.

Final Words – Building Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a good source of online income if it’s set up well. Most of us are getting passive income from affiliate marketing promoting products with recurring commissions. I still work very hard to maintain and grow my online business as there are some customers that might churn out along the way for whatever reason.

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