Your Ultimate Guide To Building a Successful Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel is extremely powerful for generating leads, building brand awareness, and selling high-ticket products. 

First of all, a webinar is a seminar that is conducted online. Instead of travelling to a place, or launching the seminar in your local area, now you can launch a webinar for everyone in the world to join you.

Today, we are going to share how to launch your first webinar and sell the ticket with the webinar sales funnel. 

And of course, we will also include the potential earnings that you are getting from a webinar. 

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a type of online seminar or presentation that is conducted online. The webinars typically involve a presenter or group of presenters sharing information, ideas, or expertise with an audience through a live video feed. The audience can participate in the webinar by asking questions and making comments through the chat feature.

Webinars can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Providing training or educational content to a large audience
  • Sharing company updates or product demonstrations with customers and clients
  • Hosting panel discussions or Q&A sessions with industry experts
  • Generating leads and sales by offering valuable content and promoting products or services

Webinars are typically conducted through a webinar platform, which allows the presenter to share their screen, use visual aids, and interact with the audience in real-time. Some popular webinar platforms include Zoom, GoToWebinar, and WebinarJam.

What is a Webinar Funnel?

A webinar funnel is a sales process that is used to sell your webinar ticket, get people to join your webinar and also sell your products at the end of the webinar. 

On these few pages, you are registering them as your webinar participant, and at the same time converting them into a lead. After they sign up, you can start sending them emails introducing you and your company. And then provide values and insights about the webinars to hook them to join the webinar. Not only that, but you can also send a reminder email 1 day and 3 days before the webinar to remind them to join on time. This is to prevent them from missing out on some important information during the webinar. 

Then, once you have the webinar funnel ready, you can start driving traffic to the page. It can be through a paid ad, email newsletter promotion or social media promotion. These people will be sent to the webinar registration. After they complete the signup, they will be directed to the Thank You page. Finally, they will be attending the webinar live or recorded session. 

Ideally, you should have the webinar once or twice a week when you are starting out. And then, have the recorded webinar run for another two days in the week. 

When you are running live, make sure to get your team to check the data and review the webinar session word by word to see. This is to see which parts work well and which need to be optimized. 

This is exactly why you should run live twice a week in the beginning, to collect enough data to optimise the webinar script. 

Webinar Sales Funnel

Here’s what the sales funnel looks like.

It starts with a webinar registration page and the webinar confirmation page after they complete registration.

Then, you are going to send the indoctrination pages to remind them about the webinar. And also for those who gave you their contact details but have not signed up, you can get them to sign up here.

 And finally, it’s the live webinar session. 

A webinar is a proven process to close potential customers at a higher price point. They are going to go through the entire 1 hour or longer session with you where you can remove their objections to your presentation. 

Not only that, they already invest their time to stay with you during the session. By giving out something, they want something back. 

It can be two ways. First, the value of the lesson you taught them during the webinar session. And second, the value you are going to provide in your paid products to help them remove their pain and resolve their problem. 

How Webinar Funnel Is A Game-Changer For Your Business

First of all, people enjoy watching videos compared to a visual or text-based sales copy. A video can have both visual and audio elements in one place. They can view the video anywhere they want and listen to the content. According to Retail Dive, 72% of consumers prefer watching a video over reading an article. 

What’s more is that for a webinar, not only they are able to see and listen to the content, but they are also able to engage with the presenter. It has become a two-way communication instead of them receiving only. 

Not only that, a webinar will be seen to have a higher perceived value compared to a piece of content. This is important when you are providing it as a free lead magnet to collect leads. 

The perceived value of a lead magnet is

  • Whitepaper or ebook
  • Working template
  • Guided tutorial video
  • Webinar.

The value of the lead magnet is higher when going down the list. 

From our experience, the webinar funnel is the most powerful sales funnel of all. Especially for high-ticket products. 

Don’t take our word for it. Just launch a webinar to sell your most expensive product and see the result. 

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3 Pro Tips To Host Your First Webinar 

If your first webinar does not go well, it’s totally fine. We have all been through the same situation. But because we didn’t give up. By constantly trying and optimizing the process. That’s how we grow to what you see today. 

The best way to get the best copy is to understand your target customers well. This is done by having more sessions, reviewing every session and changing what’s not working. 

To help you get started, these are the 3 pro tips for you to avoid losing your time. 

1. Create An Engaging and Interesting Presentation

Since you are creating a webinar, you need to make it as engaging and interactive as possible. This is why some presenters will get people to just type in a number, or “YES” or ask questions for them to answer in the chat box. 

And the key to catching people’s attention and staying till the end is to keep the hype throughout the webinar. People have short attention spans, by creating an interesting and interactive session, they will be able to focus on your webinar more. 

To start, you can 

  • Get yourself well prepared and enjoy the session. By enjoying the session, you are able to provide and service them better. Simple and laugh during the session will make it more interesting. But be sure that it is genuine as people can feel that. 
  • Speak to their mind. By understanding your target customer, in your script, you can address their issue and frustration.
  • Be true and present your webinar. Truly be there and serve your client. A good webinar is not only for you but for your whole team to support the webinar. If there is any issue during the webinar, make sure there is someone to resolve it immediately. 

2. Awkward Pitch

When you are starting out, most beginners have the issue of feeling awkward to pitch their product at the end of the webinar. 

Come on.

There is nothing free in the world. You provide value to them in the past hour or so, and you are looking for something in return. And that’s something normal. 

When we started out, in the first webinar we only sold 2 units. That’s the process to success. 

You can join others’ webinars and see how others are doing it. Learn from the master. 

You can do this by using the script below to pitch your offer:

“We are almost ending the session today. I hope that you enjoyed the session and learnt something today. But before you leave, I’d like to offer you guys something that I’m really excited about. Something that has benefited many people worldwide and you will definitely benefit from it as well. But I don’t want to do it without your permission. Is that ok for me to share a bit about the {product/service}? Just type ”YES” in the chat bar”

At this point in time, since you already provided them with so many values in the session, most will say “YES”. Even if there is no one that says “YES”, you can still proceed with the pitching 

“Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. But I really think this is going to be a game-changer for you. I will just spend 10 minutes showing you this offer I put together?”

Now if there is little no one that replies “YES”. 

Then you have a problem. Your webinar fails and you fail. It would be best if you go back to the drawing board and see what was wrong with your webinar presentation. 

3. Always Follow-Up

A webinar does not end when it ends. However, it’s the time your actual work starts. That’s the time when you focus on the majority of the registrants and attendees who didn’t make any purchases.

Those are the leads that you collected through the webinar funnel. And you can separate them into two different follow-up sequences.

Follow-Up Sequence 1: Registered but didn’t join the webinar

This group of people might have thousands of excuses for not being able to join the free session. For this, you may offer them the playback of the live event where they can choose from three specific times to watch the replay. 

Ideally, when they complete the webinar playback, they might make a purchase. And if they didn’t, just put them into sequence 2. 

Follow-Up Sequence 2: Attendees for the webinar but didn’t purchase

These people had joined the webinar and listened to your pitch, but there might be some objections and clarity they required for them to pull the trigger and take action. 

And one pro tip here, create urgency and scarcity to tell them this special offer will expire in the next 48 hours or you are just accepting 100 people. Once they miss the time or the quantity, they will not be able to get the special offer. 

Just make sure you don’t use false urgency or scarcity. If it’s ended, it’s ended. Taking a few sales will hurt your reputation down the road. 

How To Build The Webinar Registration Page 

The most important for an event is to sell enough tickets for it. Hence, other than your perfect webinar script, your webinar registration page is the most important. 

1. Attention-Grabbing Headline

In every landing page, an eye-catching headline is the most important. It is the deciding factor whether someone continues reading your page or not. 

It should be specific and able to hook your target customers to continue and look forward to reading more about the details. 

In your headline, you can have something that is exciting for them but doesn’t overkill by overpromising. Doing this will let them think that your offer is a scam. 

2. Short Explanatory Video

In your webinar registration page, it is good to have a video on your page. 

A video will make it easier for your target audience to listen and know about you. This is very powerful compared to a sales copy and a photo. Now they are hearing your voice and your pitch.  

Sales pages with videos typically have more engagement than sales pages without videos. So this is a simple way to increase time-on-page and even conversion rates.

In the video, you can start with a question about how your product will help them to resolve a problem within a specific timeframe. And that is exactly what they are looking for. Something that they had tried different products, but were unable to solve. 

The goal here is to create an open loop in their mind about what you can do and solve for them. And the details or the solution will be explained in the webinar. 

Video Script Example

For example, if you are serving a real estate agent, you can start with “Do you know how you can get unlimited new prospects that are actively looking for properties in 30 days without cold calling? Imagine that you can have a virtual salesperson who is promoting your business and collecting new leads for you 24/7. And all you need to do is to follow up with the potential customers and close them”

In order for them to know more about the solution that you are having, they will sign up for your webinar. 

This is a good way to create curiosity in your sales page and to get them to join your webinar. 

After you have built the curiosity, you can now explain your background to build some authority on why they should listen to you. What have you achieved or what is your skill for them? 

3. Using Bullets

Bullets are very useful to let people know exactly why they need to join the webinar and what they can expect to take away from it. 

You are not going to tell in each part of your webinar what you are going to teach. Instead, you share that after joining it, they will know a certain skill.

Your headline and video are doing great to hook them to stay on your page. But the bullet points are the ones that give them the justification they need to complete the purchase. 

When you make a promise with your bullet points, you are telling them exactly what they can expect from the webinar. And if they think it’s not a good fit for them, they can just leave. Else the right customers will definitely sign up for it. 

How To Host a Winning Webinar in 3 Easy Steps

1. Put Your Webinar Funnel Into Perspective

Begin with the end in mind, how many sales you are expecting from the webinar and how many are your attendance rate and conversion rate. 

For example, if you want to sell $100,000 in the webinar with your $500 per unit product, you will need 200 successful sales. And if you are converting at a 20% buying rate, you will need 1,000 participants in your webinar. And with a 50% show-up rate, you will need a 2,000 registrant minimum to reach the target. 

Always know your numbers, or else you will never be able to reach the goal you want. 

Quick-Start Guide To Hosting The Perfect Webinar

Address their objections

A webinar is a good medium to address objections. In fact, you should address as many objections as you can in the presentation. You can research their objections if you know your target customer well. You may send some samples for your friends and family to test and review your product. We recommend spending at least the first 15 to 20 minutes on this. At this moment, you are not selling anything, but removing their objections to your offer. They will buy your product if you can change their life. 

Create curiosity

Curiosity is what makes people stop and listen to you. One of the worst things you can do is not leverage the power of curiosity in your sales pitch. You can tell them a story and explain how it relates to them and reveal a bit about it. Keep the loop open and direct them to the actual webinar to look for the answer. The idea here is to ask a question that your audience really wants the answer to. But you will only provide the answer in the webinar. Hence, if they are interested, they would need to join the entire session. 

Provide value

A webinar is all about providing value to your potential customers. You are teaching them something, breaking their objections and false beliefs and then, teaching them about the topic. Their expectation of joining a webinar is to learn something, but not to buy something. 

Have a Q&A session

Most people will have questions after listening to your webinar. And that’s good, it means they are focusing on your webinar. But they might have some questions about the info shared or the product. By conducting the Q&A session, your user journey for the webinar will be completed. With their questions answered. 

Use a Proven Script

It is always hard to start from scratch, hence having a proven-to-work webinar will bring you ahead of your competitors. Check it out here.

2. Create a Schedule For Your Webinar Funnel

Just like posting on every platform, there is the right timing to run a webinar. Creating a successful webinar requires perfection in every element. Determining the best day and time for your webinar, as well as the length of your webinar is very important. 

For this step, there are always plenty of tools available online to lay out your schedule.

Also, to make sure your registrants will be able to join your webinar on time, it is good that you include a Google Calendar link with the confirmation email. With them, they will be reminded automatically before the webinar. And of course, you will remind them with an email reminder as well. 

The goal here is to plan everything in advance. When you want to launch your webinar registration funnel, you email sequence delivery schedule, live webinar date, replay options planning, follow the email sequence. 

By having all these important dates marked, your webinar launch will be much smoother. 

3. Drive Traffic To Your Webinar Funnel

Now you already have the webinar and the webinar funnel all ready. 

Next, it brings traffic to it. As you have a successful webinar, driving traffic is not hard. You can either drive it through email marketing, paid ads, social media or organic traffic. 

Ready To Build Your Webinar Funnel?

At this stage, you should already know everything you need to start and launch a successful webinar. 

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Our last guide will be sharing with you the perfect webinar script. 

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