May 20, 2024
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How To Send More Email with Seinfeld Email Sequence

Had you heard about the Seinfeld Email Sequence that professional email marketers are using to build a relationship with their subscribers? And most importantly, this email sequence is easy to write. Forget about writing great content information emails to your subscribers. Instead, write what they want to read.

What Is A Seinfeld Email Sequence?

Well, nothing. A Seinfeld email sequence is about nothing. Just like the Seinfeld shows itself. Imagine this, you\’re getting hundreds of emails daily. What makes you open a particular email and read the content?

The answer is entertaining. It’s something that syncs to your mind and you’re looking forward to the next episode, just like a tv series. So, instead of writing your email like an educational series, you can make it funny series with values embedded into it. And, at the end of each email, you’re going to present your offers as well as a hook so they will look out for your next email.

What To Write In the Email?

The structure for Daily Seinfeld Email should be like this. You start with a story that happens in your daily life. Not necessarily to be your own stories, but also a story that your peers told you. Then, you link that back to whatever products you have and sell.

That’s it. If you look at the picture below from Dotcom Secrets, there are 3 main styles for email. Episode style, Epiphany style, and educational style.

Daily Seinfeld Email

In each style, you can share and build a relationship with your audience pretty fast as it links back to you, the Attractive Character for your business. You can read more about the Daily Seinfeld Email method here and of course, also get the free Dotcom secrets book in the link below.

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