What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that guide or motivate people to take some form of action, such as registering their contact details, making a purchase, clicking on a link, donating to a cause, or scheduling an appointment.

These materials come in many different forms and appear in all our daily life. No matter is printed material or digital material. Every ad, sales letter, and video that you saw are using scripts to guide you to do what they want.  

This is what we call sales copy. 

If you just start by looking in your mailbox, you’ll find some obvious examples of copywriting. Promotions for local restaurants, catalogues, or sales letters for various products and services are all forms of copywriting. 

If you happen to read one of the magazines, “The Enquirer”, you will see how they structure their headline to take you to pick up one copy. There are so many magazines out there, and people are always rushing. What makes them pick up a copy is the headlines that caught their attention. 

Most of the time, you only have less than 3s to catch their attention and make a purchase. This is one form of copywriting. 

But the world of copywriting extends far beyond printed materials.

Much of what you read online is also copywriting. This includes most web pages, any free reports you sign up for, and even the emails you receive after signing up on a landing page.

Most of the time, when we are clicked on a link, we are directed to a carefully designed page so that we will do whatever the site owner wants us to do.

This can be a simple page with just a headline, short explanations, and big CTA buttons where persuasive copywriting is used to make you give them your contact details. 

Why do you need Copywriting?

Now you understand what is copywriting. Why is it important for you? If you are in business or even as an individual person, copywriting skill is very important. 

When you are talking, how to make someone do what you want?

Or if your business, how to collect more leads or get more sales. 

All these are copywriting. So, in order to make more money and get people to do what you desire, copywriting is very important. 

How to master the skill for beginners

If you are interested to learn the skill, it’s the right time to get serious and learn how to do it. 

By mastering this skill, you will never be poor again. It is a highly sourced high paying skill that businesses are willing to pay. 

As a starting point, you can read this book called Copywriting Secrets where the author explained 31 secrets.  It’s time to learn how to write sales copy from one of the best copywriters, Jim Edwards. 

The “secrets” in the Copywriting Secrets book will catapult you to another level in storytelling and sales.

Now, to succeed both online and offline, good sales copywriting skill is the most important key to unlocking your success. 

It follows a formula that you can follow right now. There’s a pattern that works almost all the time. And the results will be astonishing, to say the least. 

If you have the skill to sell anything online and people are willing to buy it, you can literally write your own paycheck.

Alternatively, if you would like to make it easier and more efficient. You may opt to use the tool called Funnel Scripts. 

What is Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is a copy-generating tool co-created by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson and is a product under ClickFunnels, one of the best funnel builders.

As professional marketers and online entrepreneurs, both of them shared their ideal and most effective draft scripts to help you create compelling and marketable copy engaging for your audiences and leads to conversions.

It is truly a tool built by marketers for marketers. They know what it takes to increase conversion rates and close more sales. 

The sales copies generated are based on the user’s target market, needs, challenges, and issues, all centred around how the product/service can solve them.

Before you decide to subscribe to it, you may join the free web class. This class by Jim and Russell will explain more about the tool and what it does. So you can make a good purchase decision. 

During this webinar, they will talk about copywriting issues and how this software can solve them. They will explain the 3 secrets to getting good scripts, sales letters, webinar slides, emails, and ads written in just minutes.

And, of course, like any other webinar, by the end of it, it’s time to share the best offer. And for this, you will get the exclusive chance to purchase this wonderful tool for $797.

Well, it might seem like a lot of money to invest in a simple tool. But if you tried it, you will understand how much time and money it can save you. 

Who created Funnel Scripts?

There are 2 co-founders for Funnel Scripts and it’s one of the products under ClickFunnels. The co-founders, Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson are both marketing experts, that had proven track records to market different products successfully. 

While Jim is the main creator behind Funnel Scripts, he is also the top online marketer and business owner that had showed his talent in copywriting. 

The basis of Jim Edward’s copywriting solutions is to remove multitasking by buying in copywriting “plug and play” formulas that automatically make it easier to bring in more leads and write more efficient copy.

Russell Brunson, on the other hand, is a marketing genius who has been focusing on sales funnels. He is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and the second person behind Funnel Scripts.

That said, both Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are legit guys. They know what we want, and created a solution for that. 

What does Funnel Scripts do?

Funnel Scripts aims to replace the need for copywriters by providing custom sales copy for every aspect of a business.

No matter whether you are looking for a sales copy, email, headlines, ads, or even webinar slides, there is a template for you. 

The sales copy is generated by a combination of proven pre-written sales material with user input. The formulas are created for you. And all you need to do is to input information about your product/service and its advantages. 

No one knows your product/service better than you, hence it’s best for you to key in the information. 

Funnel Scripts is targeted toward entrepreneurs who sell products in the market and capture leads using the internet.

Copy is an important part of the marketing world. What differentiates you and your competitors is your copy. Words that you use to convince a sale. And, Funnel Scripts attempts to support itself as a major answer to all entrepreneur’s copy problems.

Funnel Scripts Features

Once you purchase the Funnel Scripts, you will get access to the following features:

  • A large variety of different scripts – Video sales scripts, opt-in scripts, Facebook ads scripts, other social media scripts, and more.
  • Downloadable script wizards – In Funnel Scripts, you will get 4 different wizards. Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, and more.
  • Easy to use – Funnel Scripts is plug-and-play. As long as you know how to fill in a form, you can use it. 
  • Training videos – For each script are fairly short, as well as monthly training calls.
  •  Live training every thirty days – One of the best ways to catch up with the latest trend when using Funnel Scripts for your business.

Funnel Scripts works as a web-based platform that you can access to it anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. 

Funnel Scripts makes it possible to make a variety of copies, which includes the following:

  • Video sales letters
  • Email subject lines
  • Product descriptions
  • Lead capture pages
  • Webinar opt-ins
  •  Ad copies
  •  Sales copies
  •  Call to Action (CTA) copies
  •  Email scripts
  •  Headlines

Pros of Funnel Scripts 

Save Time, Money, and Hassle

Getting a good sales copy is hard. And in most cases, it might take hours just to write a good-quality script. This is especially hard for beginners that are just starting out and after spending a long time, the script might not be a high converting one. 

Not only that but starting something from scratch is always the hardest. Hence, what you can do is use Funnel Scripts as a starting point. And improvise the script generated with your own expertise. 

Generate Different Fast Copy

Funnel Scripts is undoubtedly great for generating fast as well as simple and efficient sales copy. With the formulas and suggestions generated, you can generate multiple different versions of sales copies fast 

Split testing is one of the ways to find the winning copy fast. When we create a sales page, every element inside shall be optimized to get the best conversion. 

While it’s hard to forecast which headline or sales copy combinations will have the highest conversion rate, you can split test fast by duplicating the same page and changing certain elements only. 

Cons of Funnel Scripts

Weak Delivery on Product Quality

The setup of Funnel Scripts’ dashboard checks out as a little outdated. It’s not different from the old WordPress dashboard. It\’s a plain dashboard with some columns for you to enter the information.

What’s more, they stuff a lot of content right into the dashboard itself which comes off as daunting. To Funnel Scripts’ credit score, there is a how-to overview with quick-start video tutorials to assist handle the large range of web content.

Well, it does what it should. But just that the user interface can be more interactive and well-designed so that users will have a better experience.

Multiple Upsell for Funnel Scripts

When you land on the sales page for Funnel Scripts, you don’t see the offer or the package price for it. Instead, you will be prompted for a free webinar, and only after entering the webinar or getting the invitation link, you can move forward to buy the program.

I won’t be surprised about the sales process as the man behind this product is famous for sales funnel creation. The webinar is a lead generation step to filter out those low-quality customers while those who enter the webinar and stay will have a higher chance to take action.

Anyway, it\’s a high-ticket product, you need to convince them to get the sale.

It would be nice if there was a free trial option so that the potential customers can look inside and see what they will get.

Funnel Scripts is Just Another Tool

While Funnel Scripts is able to generate sales copy fast, there is a lack of AI in this. Your input will still be the basis of the copywriting, to be included in the formulas.

The only real difference that Funnel Scripts offers is an industry-leading and most-marketed tool. Therefore, they use this as the right to charge you a high ticket for the problem they solved for you.

How much is Funnels Scripts

In this section of the Funnel Scripts review, we’ll talk about the price. The program costs a one-time payment of $797, and from that price, you’ll get the following:

  • Funnel Scripts Unlimited, which includes DotComSecrets scripts, Expert Secrets scripts, and O.F.A. scripts.
  • Funnel Scripts Blueprints
  • A live monthly coaching session with Jim Edwards
  • The Copywriting Secrets Masterclass
  •  60+ additional scripts

The total value is over $100,000 but you are only going to pay for a one-off lifetime membership for $797.

Your Turn To Make The Call

No matter whether you are going for the low cost-effective way, or subscribing to the tool. Both work only if you take action. Nothing will happen if you are just talking and not taking any action.

So, now. For the final words :

Get the Copywriting Secrets Book

Join The Free Webinar for Funnel Scripts Now

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