June 13, 2024
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How To Write Onboarding Email – Soap Opera Sequence

A Soap Opera Sequence is a series of 5 emails that are sent out over the course of 5 days to an email subscriber once they subscribed to our list. It will tell them what we\’re doing and provide value for them. It will warm up the lead before we sell them a product.

For my own soap opera email sequence, I have 5 emails with one email sent out each day when someone subscribes to my list.

Soap Opera Sequence

Here’s are how the 5 days email sequence looks like:

  • Day #1: Sets The Stage
  • Day #2: High Drama, Backstory, Wall
  • Day #3: Epiphany, The One Thing
  • Day #4: Hidden Benefits
  • Day #5: Urgency Call To Action (CTA)

I learned about this from the book Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson which I got it for free here.

Email #1: Setting the stage

The first email in the sequence is the introduction. We will brief our audience on what they have already subscribed to and what to expect for the following days. If we’ve some free lead magnets to be delivered, they can be together with this email as well.

In this part, you’ll be setting the stage for your attractive characters to build relationships and trust with them. At the end of the email, you’ll leave the loop open with a teaser and guide them to look for your next email.

Email #2: Drama and backstory

In the second email in the sequence, we will start sharing our backstory of the challenges we met before this and all the mistakes we faced. If our story resonates with them, it will be most likely for them to purchase all products that we sell to them. This is because they feel the pain and are in the same shoe. They want to go through the transformation as well to reach where we are.

At the end of the second email, you’ll tease them by telling them that the secrets will be revealed in the next email. So, remember to read the next email tomorrow to find it out.

Email #3: Epiphany

The third email in a soap opera sequence is where you reveal the secret you discovered – the one that changed everything. For example, if they’re having a brick-mortar business and are not doing well. You can teach them how to use the sales funnel for O2O. Offline to Online or Online to Offline.

It can be starting by sharing the 2 free books Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets. One shows you what to do and another one telling what to do.

Same as before, we’ll be leaving a teaser for the next email in that we’ll be letting out more secrets about what we found out and what led us to the transformation in the next email.

Email #4: Hidden benefits

The fourth email should be focused on the hidden benefits of the product or service you’re offering – the one that came to you when you had your epiphany.

This part needs to be very good and solid which makes them instantly say yes to the solutions. For example, if they’re struggling to get enough traffic to their online business. You can offer them the secrets in the book. For example, you can reveal the Attractive Character’s secret. Or the funnel builder that helps to increase their business.

Email #5: Urgency: Call to action

The final email in a soap opera sequence is where you hit your readers with a strong, sales pitch. In every email, there will be a call to action, but in this final email in the sequence, you should entice them to act immediately on your offer.

Here, the focus is to get them to click and enter your sales page. Then your sales page will do the rest of the work like addons, and bonuses.

The Importance of Email List – SOAP OPERA SEQUENCE

The email list is the most important asset of your business. It\’s the customer list that you own. You have direct access to them anytime and you can bring them with you everywhere. Different from a Facebook group or other social media marketing, you\’re building your list on other platforms. This is the traffic source you control.

Focus on growing your email list is like giving pay rise for yourselves every day. The bigger your list, the more your income will be.

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