How To Reduce Ad Cost & Make More Money

You had a business but it’s struggling to grow and scale to another level or even to survive. Then you heard people saying that you can get more clients online and make more money. Ad cost is increasing, and unable to breakeven

People need to find you. They need to know that you’re there ready to help and provide the information or services, or product that is going to revolutionize their life.

Now, the first instinct for you is to want everyone! You try to target everyone in your ad campaign. Spent lots of money but hardly breakeven. So you start to think whether is this a good strategy or shall you continue online. Or even the online thing is just a scam.

You need to know where the fish are, and where is your potential customer. This is the beauty of the internet. You can access too many people online by just paying for the ads. This is why I don’t agree when people say there are having a problem getting traffic. Getting traffic is the easiest thing in my point of view. You go to the ads manager on either Facebook, Google, or other platforms. Once you set up everything, press the start ad button. As long as you pay for the ad cost, the ad platforms will show your ad to as many people as you want.

But this is also something people did wrong. The ad cost is too high and they’re not making enough money to cover it. So what’s missing?

This is a step that people skip all the time and the first step to traffic is knowing who your customers are.

Everything that you’re going to find here is outlined and explained in great detail in the books DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets. If you don’t have it, then you’ve got to get your hands on them. You will completely and radically change your approach with those books.

Phase 1: Who is your dream customer

In every business, if you want to be able to grow, you will need to define your dream customer. Who are they? Where do they live? How old are they? What kind of job do they work? What’s their average income? What’s their family life like? What are their other interests? Where do they go? Where do they find what they’re interested in?

Like in our business, we create an avatar for our dream customer. In every product we’re launching, we will first think about this. Will it fit our dream customer?

If you cannot answer these questions about your customers, you do not have a strong enough image of who these potential customers are, and finding them will be impossible.

Having a clear customer is just as important as having a product because everything you do will depend upon who you are trying to get. You have to get these people in front of you before you can get them to find anything of value in what you’re offering them.

Especially in the ads platforms now, allowing you to laser target your potential customers. So, please sit down and take some time to write down everything you can think about your dream customers and create an avatar for them so you can visualize them in front of your eye.

Phase 2: Where are they

So now, after you know who you’re hunting, we’ve another problem to solve. Where can I get them? Where they congregate online. Is it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or where? Or even going through deeper into which group or space they are in. What is their shopping pattern?

Only by having this you can start tapping into the group and create our branding as an authority in the niche group.

Phase 3: How to get their attention

This is the final stage, after knowing who and where now is how to get their attention and hook them. Just like picking up girls, you have your dream girl, you know who they are. Now, how do you get their attention? For example, you can be unique where you just go in front of her and shout at her to catch her attention. Or did something different from your competitors?

At this stage, you’re not converting them or selling anything yet. The sales process and offer do not start here. In this phase, you just want them to click on your post, your link, and your ad to get them into your sales page.

The best method to do this is what we call a hook. We create as much hook as we can in our business to see which can hook our dream customer the best. From there, we will scale up the best-converting hook and keep testing new hooks in order for us to have new customers coming in all the time.

Summary – How to reduce ad cost

I had seen many suffering to get good traffic to their business, without new traffic and new lead, there is no way a business can sustain itself. Ad cost is increasing, and without a proper strategy, there is no way to succeed online. At the end of this post, I would like to share another very useful book called Traffic Secrets. For me, it’s like a bible for getting traffic online. I’m sure you’ll benefit from it. Also, to learn more about building a sales funnel, you can read it here.

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