Do I Need A Website Or Marketing Funnel

First of all, I would like to explain. Do you really need a website, or who needs a website? As I’m writing this post, I’m actually working from home due to the CoronaVirus. It had been lockdown by the government to prevent the further spread of the virus. And today, we would like to discuss the website vs Marketing Funnel.

This triggered me to stress the importance of bringing your business online. In today\’s world, unless you\’re in the food industry where you only serve walk-in customers. For the rest, it is crucial to be able to bring your business online today. There is nothing wrong with working from home, but what is your efficiency? Not everyone can sit down and focuses on completing the work when they\’re working in their pyjamas and in the comfort of their house.

But as a business owner, how can you automate your business process, so you can still be running your business 24/7? The key to this is the system and automation. This does not only part of the business continuity management for your business but also how to pull you out from the business so you can choose whether to work or not.

Do I Need A Website or Sales Funnel

I had been discussing this topic several times and explained the difference between a website and a sales funnel. A website will show your entire business, company background, product & service catalogue, and other information. A sales funnel, on the other hand, works like a salesperson in your business. It will guide your audience based on their interest through the sales process and lead them to spend on your business.

Here, I don’t suggest that you just have a different sales funnel enough, but a website essentially builds trust between you and your audience as well. Imagine this flow, someone enters your sales funnel for the first time, they’re now at the cold audience stage.

They never heard about you and don’t know what you do. So, you have all the sales pitches, and videos to persuade them to make the purchase.

However, more often, they don’t purchase from you immediately. Instead, they’ll search for your credibility. It can come in either searching your business name on search engines or social media. More often, if it’s done right, they will be redirected to your website from the search engine. You see, here they can research your business and know more about you.

This can sometimes be important as another touchpoint for your potential customer. Not only that, but you can also direct your customer to your website and catalogue page from your thank you page after they make a purchase.

Can ClickFunnels replace your website?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, if your goal is to get more sales and earn more money. No, if your goal is to promote your company profile. 

Sales FunnelsWebsite
DefinitionA series of carefully designed web pages optimized for salesA collection of related network web resources, such as web pages, and multimedia content.
HostingYour entire sales funnels are hosted on ClickFunnelsSelf-hosting if using WordPress
DomainClickfunnels subdomain or custom domainCustom domain
Structure of a Website Vs Sales Funnel

Comparing the 2 processes above, the left one is for a website and the right one is for sales funnels. Here, You can notice that for a website, there is less or no control over where your visitor’s actions. In fact, they are endless possibilities of where they will navigate from your homepage. They might go to the about us page, blog post, sales page, or other pages. In the end, not buying anything wasted their time on these pages. 

A sales funnel, on the other hand, is a series of web pages that are carefully designed to guide your customers through your sales process. Every step in a sales funnel is optimized to guide them.

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ClickFunnels – The Best Marketing Funnel Builder

Or, if you’re interested go straight into ClickFunnels and start trying all the features in it today for free. You can get the 14-day free trial here. Then you can choose whether you’re going to continue with the platform or not. A lot of my referrals actually earned more than $100 in their first 10 days. So, they just keep the subscription as they saw the potential of it. The basic plan is only $97 per month. It’s really worth the money if you really implement all the strategies in it. 

How to Build a Relationship With Your Target Audience

Remember we talked about entering the sales funnel, here it is very important that you collect their contact details, aka email addresses. This is what we called email marketing. For this, we will be building a relationship with our target customers through email. There is 2 email sequence that we use here. Soap Opera Sequence & Daily Seinfeld Sequence. Both are working well for writing better emails.

Soap Opera Sequence

Soap Opera Sequence

The Soap Opera Sequence, also known as the onboarding email or product launch email consists of a 5 days email series. The first day will be setting the stage day. On this day, we will be welcoming them and introducing the new audience to what to expect for the following days. Then, we will start to tell our stories of discovering the solution offered. From day 2, it will be our past situation and struggle during the transformation.

On day 3, we found the secret of transformation, and on day 4, the hidden benefit of the product or secrets we\’re going to reveal. And on day 5, we\’ll be promoting our offer. In this 5 days sequence, there is an important key that we bait our audience by linking every email to the next sequence on the next day.

Daily Seinfeld Sequence

In this Daily Seinfeld sequence, it is about nothing. A daily routine email that you send to your customer aims to provide value and build a relationship. It can be what happens in your daily life which is fun to share or some secrets or mistakes that you discover in your day.

Don’t be afraid to share your mistakes, always remember this, even superheroes will have flaws and this is what makes them so interesting. The secret of the daily Seinfeld sequence is this. Give, Give, Give, Sell. Give, Give, Give, Sell. Just repeat this sequence.

So back to the question, do I need a website? My answer will obviously be yes. However, it is not the place you direct your traffic to. The website can be used to share your business and the services you offered. But to guide a new audience to make a purchase on your business, always start with a sales funnel.

Direct them to your landing page, collect their emails and show them your irresistible offer.

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