Copywriting Secrets Book Review 2024

Do you know words are more important than anything? A good sale copy can make you millions while a bad one will lose you money. And today, we are going to review the book Copywriting Secrets.

So, what is a sales copy?

What is a Sales Copy

A sales copy is a piece of text that sway consumers into taking specific actions. It is used to persuade readers to buy a product, sign up for a mailing list, download content, or take any further action that will help your business achieve its sales goals.

Using the combinations of the right words for a specific goal in your content, ad copy, products, sales page, and webinar can impact the amount of money you can make. 

If you are new or are tired of writing boring content and ads that don’t convert your audience well. It’s time to get serious and learn how to do it. 

The skill that we are talking about now is called copywriting. By mastering this skill, you will never be poor again. It is a highly sourced high paying skill that businesses are willing to pay. 

The “secrets” in the Copywriting Secrets book will catapult you to another level in storytelling and sales. It’s time to learn how to write sales copy from one of the best copywriters, Jim Edwards. 

Now, to succeed both online and offline, good sales copywriting skill is the most important key to unlocking your success. 

Always be simple and stay simple. Great sales copy is sticky, it leaves clues…

It follows a formula that you can follow right now. There’s a pattern that works almost all the time. And the results will be astonishing, to say the least. 

Copywriting Secrets explained by Russell Brunson

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards is what you should read to discover untapped potential in your sales copy. 

Copywriting is what made me rich… It has more impact on how much money you make with your company than anything else.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson, founder, and CEO of ClickFunnels, a 9-figure business and has sold hundreds of thousands of his books, all because of his copywriting and marketing skills. 

Russell also wrote the forward to Copywriting Secrets.

If you have the skill to sell anything online and people are willing to buy it, you can literally write your own paycheck.

Today, I will be reviewing the book, Copywriting Secrets and show you what this book is about and whether should you also read it. 

Let’s dive right in!

What Is Copywriting Secrets?

Copywriting Secrets is a book written by a world-class top copywriter and online marketing expert, Jim Edwards.

Jim reveals simple plug & play formulas that will help you to create a sales copy easily. With this, you will be able to acquire more leads and make more money. 

This book is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their copywriting skill. No matter if you are a beginner or had some experience in copywriting, the Copywriting Secrets book will help to fine-tune your skill. 

You’ll testify that from the first page to the concluding section, the book is packed with copywriting secrets that will make a difference in your sales and revenue.

If you are new in marketing and are not sure how to create your headline, sales copy, key message, and webinar script, you will need to read Copywriting Secrets. In this book, Jim dissects the key to a good sales copy and shows the best formula for high-converting sales copy.

How to Use This Book

Instead of starting from scratch, this book will show you the formula and you will only need to plug in the words based on your niche or products. No one will know this better than you. You know your dream customer and what they like. Hence, it’s your task to insert the keywords into the formula. 

This book shows you how to use the right words to inspire people to do what you want them to do.

In this step, you are duplicating your best salesperson. Instead of the person walking into your physical shop, now they are visiting your virtual shop aka sales page/landing page/website. 

Your virtual salesperson or sales copy is what guides them to do what you want them to do. It represents your brand name and image. The only target is to guide them to do what you want and convert them into buyers. 

Copywriting Secrets is an on-demand book for anyone who wants to get more leads, and sales and make more money. 

Copywriting is a set of formulas that works every time, no matter what you sell. A physical product, digital product, or service. 

In a nutshell, here’s the excerpt of what you stand to gain by reading Copywriting Secrets:

  • Structure irresistible offers that people will grab with both arms.
  • Increase your sales, regardless of what you’re selling or your target market.
  • Use proven emotional triggers to get people to buy right now.
  • Target the right customers who are ready to buy right now.
  • Add more subscribers to your email list
  • And a lot more.

If you’re struggling in crafting your sales copy, ad copy, or even blog post, do try out Copywriting Secrets to sharpen your writing skills.  

Who Is Jim Edwards, The Author of Copywriting Secrets?

Jim Edwards is one of the top copywriters, business owners, and the top affiliate marketers that had earned a lot of money with his copywriting skill. 

His flagship product – Funnel Scripts is something magic. An awesome tool that saves you both money and time while creating high-converting sales copy for your landing page or ads. 

All you need to do is to tell Funnel Scripts what is your business and product, then it will generate the best sales copy for you. 

How long has Jim been doing this and why should I trust him?

Jim has been actively involved in online marketing for a long time. He’s truly a success to be reckoned with. Beginners in online marketing and copywriting, in particular, can learn from an expert who’s successful in the field. 

You can know by reading his 30 days plan to start from zero and journey to become a super affiliate in 100 days. He also proved himself by becoming a top affiliate in a few affiliate programs that he’s promoting. 

So, instead of wasting your time trying to figure out the success formulas for good copywriting. Why not check out this book which had create success for more online businesses? 

With this, I am sure, you will be on fire and is able to write the best sales copy ever. 

Who Should Get The Copywriting Secrets?

Do you need qualified leads? Are you looking to increase your sales and add more subscribers to your email list?

If yes, then Copywriting Secrets is for you. In fact, I would suggest giving one copy to each of your staff in your marketing team. 

I believed you will see the improvement after implementing what you learned in it. 

Why Copywriting Secrets Is a Must-Read For Any Entrepreneur – Online and Offline

If you are still hesitating, I will tell you another secret here. You can get a copy of Copywriting Secrets for free now. Yes, Free. You just cover the shipping and handling cost. The book will be sent to you Free of charge.

Don’t treat this as another marketing book that you read only. It’s an evergreen copywriting strategy that you learn and implements in your content and sales copy to scale your business to another level. 

And, I had been enjoying the success brought by this book. It had transformed my business and hence, I would like to share this Copywriting Secrets review to help others that are struggling to get leads and grow revenue for their business. 

Don’t treat it as light as the book is free. Jim had spent lots of time completing this book. And it doesn’t matter the industry you operate in, just follow the advice in the book and you’ll ultimately be able to craft engaging copy that will drive more sales, get more clicks, and earn more money.

In-Depth Copywriting Secrets Book Review

As the book name tells, this book is about how to write good sales copy. No matter it is ads, emails, or sales letters. This book will be relevant for teaching you to use the right words to persuade more sales. 

Jim Edwards provides 31 proven formulas and actionable tips you can utilize right away in your copy. All these formulas had been proven not only by Jim but also by other online marketers that had been using the formulas in their campaigns. 

Inside the book, the proven formulas are designed to help you achieve these specific goals:

  • Grow sales
  • Persuade people to buy willingly
  • Target the right group of buyers. 
  • Attract more subscribers to your mailing list. 
  • Structured offers to maximize their results. 

As you can see, the goals above are general. To make more money and scale up your business. It doesn’t break down what’s inside Copywriting Secrets.

There is a total of 31 secrets revealed in the book. It does include a full explanation of what is copywriting, formulas for great sales copy, and how to polish and optimize your copy so it converts best. 

There are a ton of insights and best practices where Jim Edwards reveals how to start from zero to tens of thousands of dollars of sales. 

Copywriting Secrets Pros and Cons

Now, nothing is perfect, and it might not be suitable for everyone. Hence, we are going to explain both the pros and cons of the book. We are not blindly promoting this book, but instead, to have an unbiased review to help you to decide. 


  • Evergreen copywriting techniques that you can use for all your marketing needs. 
  • A simple-to-read and straightforward step that you can implement right away. 
  • Full explanation with examples for each secret to help show how to apply it in your business. 
  • This a perfect guide to start learning copywriting skills.
  • Success cases and real-life experiences that you could easily relate to.


  • Hard copy and audiobook only available. 
  • There are some optional upsells after you claim the free book, which may be annoying to some people (although I personally really value them, especially Funnel Scripts). But at the same time, it’s how a sales funnel works to make more money for business owners. Highly recommend that you check out the process as well. 
  • Some of the stories and techniques sound a bit too simple. You might have some challenges during implementation.

Copywriting Secrets Book Pricing

Claim your free Copywriting Secrets Book

The book is absolutely free, you just need to cover the shipping and handling cost to get a free copy delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.   The shipment amounts to $7.95 in the USA and $14.95 for international shipping.

If you don’t want to get a free copy of the book, you can get a Copywriting Secrets book on Kindle from Amazon for $10.59.

But if you’re okay with the free copy, simply order it from the official website. The audiobook version currently sells for $27.

Copywriting Secrets Upsells

Jim Edwards is kind enough to offer his Copywriting Secrets book for free (just pay for shipping). So get in and grab a free copy and read it.

After claiming the free copy of Copywriting Secrets, you’ll be prompted on the next page to get other books and programs. This is what we called upsells. And how the business owner, Jim covers his cost for providing you with the free book. 

But don’t worry, there is no obligation here. They are completely optional. All you need to do is claim the free book and exit if the upsell offers do not interest you. 

But if you want to hack the process and scale your result quicker, you might want to consider getting the Funnel Scripts. 

Take a look at the Copywriting Secrets Book funnel/Upsells:

  • Copywriting Secrets book: Get it free, just cover the shipping ($7.95 in the US or $14.95 for International).
  • Copywriting Secrets Audio Book: It sells for $27
  • Sales Story Secrets: It’s priced at $97
  • Funnel Scripts: Pricing is $697

1. Copywriting Secrets Audiobook

The Copywriting Secrets Audiobook sells for $27.

What do you stand to gain with this audiobook?

Well, you’ve given the audiobook an extended edition with bonus content, some amazing interviews with Jim, and more.

You might want to get the audiobook if you are the kind of person who enjoys listening to audio content rather than reading texts.

2. Sales Story Secrets

Once you’ve got the book, Jim will upsell you to another valuable product — the sales story secrets for $97.

By getting the Sales Story Secrets, you will be getting a fully guided masterclass on how to create stories for sales copy and how to promote more products faster. 

The “Sales Story Secrets” Master Class delivers step-by-step processes, blueprints, formulas, and tools to help you tell memorable stories that captivate your audience, persuade people to act in the right direction, and turn site visitors into buyers… regardless of your offer or target market. 

3. Funnel Scripts

Instead of writing it all on your own, what if with the help of a tool that eases your work and simplifies the process? 

Of course, you will need it. Funnel Scripts allows you to quickly create a jaw-dropping custom sales copy in minutes with the push of a button.

Funnel Scripts will cost you $797 if you order directly from the sales page. However, if you get it through an Upsell after ordering a free copy of the Copywriting Secrets book, you can save $100. That means you’re paying $697 only. 

Copywriting Secrets Review Summary: Is It Worth It?

I hope you enjoyed this Copywriting Secrets review.

If you’re looking to up your writing skills, develop confidence in your writing, and predict the outcome of your sales copy, I highly recommend that you grab a free copy of Copywriting Secrets for free.

It’s probably one of the best copywriting books I’ve read in recent years, and it simplifies a lot more complex concepts (beginner-friendly).

And if you’re more advanced, you’ll get a ton of value from the book as well. As long as you take action and implement what you learn in Copywriting 

Secrets, you will be almost guaranteed to make a lot more money online and take your lifestyle business to the next level.

Now It’s your turn to take action and start working on the life you want. 

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