June 13, 2024
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Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Review (2024): All You Need To Know

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income online. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is. It is a referral program where you get paid commissions when the visitors you referred make a purchase. Had you heard about the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp by Russell Brunson?

Affiliate marketing has always been the way internet marketers use to test the market and build their reputations in one field before investing in building the product themselves. 

With affiliate marketing, you can be a marketer that promotes other’s products. Not only that, you can be the product owner where you get affiliate marketers to promote and sell your product for you. 

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a business pays commissions for their affiliates for each successful sale referred. The affiliates are normally website or blog owners, influencers or individuals who have a following in certain niches. They will be promoting the affiliate product on their platform and get commissions when they got sales.

The affiliate will be credited for the sales if someone clicked on their affiliate links and make a purchase. An affiliate link is a link that is embedded with cookies that will trace back to the affiliate for every successful referral. 

Affiliate marketing can be an effective way for businesses to reach new customers. And then, affiliates earn income by promoting products or services that they believe in. It can also be a useful way for affiliates to monetize their websites or social media channels. 

However, it is important for businesses and affiliates to ensure that their marketing efforts are compliant with the company’s policy and the relevant laws and regulations.

Most affiliate programs are usually free to join, so you don’t have to worry about high startup costs. And then, it’s good if you don’t have a product, you can always start by promoting another’s product. All the other costs like customer service are handled by the affiliate product company. If done right, an effective affiliate marketing strategy can go from a side hustle to a profitable online business.

Join Affiliate Bootcamp for Free

Why affiliate marketing is good for anyone to start? 

It requires little to nothing to start a full affiliate marketing business. And also, you don’t need to invest in inventory and product creation for affiliate marketing. All you do is leverage others’ brands and products and do the marketing work. 

All you need to do is promote other’s products and earn a commission on every sale you referred to the merchant or product owner. 

While it’s easy to start an affiliate marketing business, it’s not easy to get it to work. What most beginners don’t realize is it will be easier to create success when you have a proven guide to follow than trying it out yourselves. 

You might get success by doing that, but the learning curve is steeper and might take a longer time to get success. 

This is where this ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp fills the gap. The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is more than just a Bootcamp for affiliate marketers but for all internet marketers. You will learn about sales funnel, traffic, and lead strategy from it. 

And the best of it, it’s free. 

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the mastermind ClickFunnels and this Bootcamp. He’s created many pieces of training or short courses to promote and expand his business of ClickFunnels. And of course, benefit his subscribers to help you make money with your business. This includes the One Funnel Away Challenge and the 5-Day Lead Challenge.

He is also the writer of the best-selling Trilogy of

As Russell always says, is it ok if I overdeliver? All of Russell Brunson’s training is jam-packed with valuable information, and the Affiliate Bootcamp is no exception.

Although the BootCamp is created for free, it does not stop him from providing the best value as this is a lead magnet for him to get more followers and subscribers to his other paid program. 

This Bootcamp was not only presented or taught by Russell like other challenges like the OFA Challenge and the 5-Day Lead Challenge. Alongside himself, he invited 15 of his top affiliates for ClickFunnels to share their secrets for free.

The only thing that doesn’t lie in the world is results. Learn from the successful person and model their achievements. Having the right skill and strategy is important, but having the correct mindset and knowledge is equally important. 

In this review, you’ll learn all about Russell’s course, including its pros and cons. The Affiliate Bootcamp is one of the best training for affiliate marketing you can find. In fact, I suggest that you attend it and understand it thoroughly before implementing it as there is so much useful information there. 

What Is The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit?

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a virtual online summit created by Russell Brunson and his team at ClickFunnels. This course helps those interested to start from 0 and become super affiliates in 100 days. 

It all started with Russell Brunson’s one email asking his top affiliate if they lost everything they have. Which includes their email list, product, and influencer connections and without any online reputation. How they will start building their affiliate marketing business from scratch in 100 days and turn it into a full-time career.

Russell just sent this question out without any huge expectations. But what surprised him was, 15 of his top affiliates provided the answer with a very detailed step-by-step plan of what they will do step by step. And, all were willing to share it for free.

These top successful affiliate marketers share their winning strategies for going from zero to hero in 100 days.

Why 100 days?

The challenge here is to promote ClickFunnels as the affiliate product. And this is an affiliate program by ClickFunnels where you can promote the ClickFunnels subscriptions. This program will pay you every month as long as the prospects stay subscribed to ClickFunnels.

In the ClickFunnels affiliate program, there are two major milestones, 100 successful referrals and 200 successful referrals. And we believe, with 100 successful referrals which is equivalent to around $4,000 per month, is enough to cover basic necessities. And, when you reach this, ClickFunnels will pay an additional $500 per month for your dream car.

The key trainers for this Bootcamp are those top affiliates for ClickFunnels. They had done it before and know very well how to start and become a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate. 

Each Super Affiliate had a different background experience. Hence, with different skills, they were using different ways to achieve the 100 days challenge. And they are sharing their detailed plan so you can see which one suits you.

There is no better or worse plan among it. Every plan works. You just have to pick the one strategy that matches you and work hard to achieve it. If you treat affiliate marketing as a get-rich-quick scheme and don’t work for it, you will not get successful. 

Join The Free Bootcamp

If you are interested or serious about starting in affiliate marketing and turning it into a full-time affiliate marketing business, you should definitely enrol in this Affiliate Bootcamp. Not only that, it is a free Bootcamp that will teach you how to create a profitable affiliate business from scratch. 

This means you don’t need to create your own product or think about what to sell. The affiliate program, and the strategies to sell, all is there for you. 

Whether you are just started or had been trying affiliate marketing for some time but had never got a big breakthrough, you should join this Bootcamp. 

Who Should Join The ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp?

Although it’s an affiliate Bootcamp, the participant does not limit to affiliate marketers only. The Bootcamp itself covers multiple fields of digital marketing. This means, if you are having an online business, you should join the training too. You could use what you learn to market your own products in any niche as well.

So, basically, if you’re just getting started with affiliate and internet marketing, you’ll need to join the Clickfunnels affiliate Bootcamp.

It’s a step-by-step training meant for both beginners and experienced internet marketers seeking to take their businesses to the next level.

The top 15 affiliate marketers will be holding each student by hand through the course of the training in achieving the 100Days actionable plan to transform their life.

The tips and strategies taught are completely out of this world and it’s a new approach to internet marketing as a whole.

Who is the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Presenter?

The Affiliate Bootcamp is presented by 15 of the best ClickFunnels affiliates who have achieved massive success in their business online and promoting ClickFunnels as affiliates.

They are the top marketers in their own field and are selling high-ticket courses for their courses. Not only that, the information you get in this Bootcamp will easily cost thousands if you purchased it separately. 

Here is the Top Super Affiliate that contributes to this Bootcamp. 

  • Steve J. Larsen. Create A Truly Irresistible Offer That Makes It Nearly Impossible For Customers To Say “NO”
  • Dave Gambrill. Cultivate Happy Buyers Who Stay With You Month After Month…(Allowing You To Grow Your Passive Recurring Monthly Income!) 
  • Rachel Pedersen. Use The Power Of Building Genuine Relationships To Find The RIGHT Customers That Need ClickFunnels
  • Peng Joon. As a super affiliate, learn how to create powerful ‘leverage’ and build your email list for free.
  • Jim Edwards. Dominate The Affiliate Leaderboard And Become The #1 Top-Producing Super Affiliate
  • Greg Jeffries. The “Core 4” For Achieving Success
  • Jacob Caris. Becoming A Super Affiliate When You Have A TON Of Other Commitments And Almost NO Time In Your Day
  • Dana Derricks. The “Dream 100” Method That Can Make You A ClickFunnels Super Affiliate Without Spending Money On Ads
  • Joe Marfoglio. Creating YouTube Videos That Your Audience Will CLICK ON and WATCH All The Way Through!
  • Spencer Mecham.  Leverage The SUPER HOT Traffic That’s Already SEARCHING For A Solution 
  • Marley Baird. Why YouTube Is The #1 BEST Way To Generate Leads And Get Affiliate Sales
  • JR Rivas. How To Organically ATTRACT And Build Value With Your Audience On Your FB Profile Page
  • Josh Rhodes. How To Take A Simple “Agency” Approach To Generate 100+ Affiliates In 100 Days
  • Tyler S. Clark. The 11 Actionable Steps That Got Me From 0 To 106 Paying ClickFunnels Affiliates In 100 Days
  • Billy Gene. How To Demonstrate Your “Map” And Guide Your Audience STRAIGHT To Their Destination

Every super affiliate has its own strategy to dominate the affiliate marketing game. No matter, whether it is on Social media, YouTube, organic traffic or paid traffic. You can start by learning from a process, and then explore and create your own winning formula. 

How does the Bootcamp work?

The Bootcamp goes live for 4 days and each day, there are 3-4 ClickFunnels Super Affiliates that will explain their detailed plan. This includes what they would do if they had to support their family only on affiliate commissions, starting with no prior experience.

The explanation will be broken down into specific days for 100 days, step by step. And then, each day’s content will only be available for 24 hours and after it’s expired, you are not able to access it. 

So, when you sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp, make sure you put in the effort. This is because once Day 1 is activated, it’ll be game time. There is no pause for the Bootcamp. You need to have 2-3 hours dedicated to the Bootcamp to learn and implement. 

By the time the program is through, you’ll be armed with all the effective marketing methods that will help you increase your affiliate sales.

What happens if you don’t have time to watch all of the interviews on time?

As what always happens. When there is something free, there is something to cover the cost at the back. 

So how?

First of all, the Affiliate Bootcamp is absolutely free to join. And then, there is no catch. You can sign up for it and access it for free. But, there is an optional upsell that comes with it.

With this upsell, you will get : 

  • First, Lifetime access to all Affiliate Bootcamp interviews.
  • Then, Behind-the-scenes interview sessions with the super affiliate.
  • Finally, The Affiliate Bootcamp ebook that explaining all the detailed steps.

To get this upsell, simply upgrade to The One Funnel Away Challenge for $100. One funnel away is a fantastic 30 days challenge that guides and pushes you to launch your first online business and start making money. 

Affiliate Bootcamp Pros and Cons

In this section, I’ll summarize the pros and cons of the free Affiliate Bootcamp.

Pros of Affiliate Bootcamp

  • First, the free Bootcamp is simply worth over $2,000. The value and information in the Bootcamp are so comprehensive although it is a free Bootcamp. 
  • 15 proven to-work strategies and step-by-step plans by successful affiliate marketers.
  • Then, Complete with the ClickFunnels affiliate program that you too can promote. 
  • Then, Complete the Affiliate Bootcamp ebook with the One Funnel Away Challenge upgrade for you to refer to at any time. 
  • Next, Affiliate tactics that experts in the industry use are there
  • Finally, Ready for the mindset and knowledge for building a successful affiliate marketing business.

Cons of Affiliate Bootcamp

  • First, the video of the interviews is time-limited. You’ll have to set aside 2-3 hours for the 4 days to watch the daily interviews. However, it might take a few times to understand the information as there is too much information to take in for such a short period of time.
  • Then, you have to wait for 24 hours until the next set of interviews is available.
  • Finally, you shall only focus on 1 strategy, understand thoroughly and implement it. Too many strategies will confuse you. If you do not know what to do, get the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp: Final Thoughts

If you are serious about affiliate marketing or making money online, I believed you already sign up for the free Affiliate Bootcamp. 

There is nothing to lose from signing up. And then, you only risk wasting the time watching one interview if you feel that it does not work for you. But I really suggest that you can complete the entire Bootcamp and join the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

So, let’s commit to ourselves and give it a chance. 

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