May 20, 2024
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Top 3 Financial Services Marketing Strategies

If you are offering financial services and struggling to get more leads, learn this Financial Services Marketing Strategies to get more leads online.

Stop what you are doing and read this now. 

Today, we are sharing about how to get more leads & clients with digital marketing even if you have never done it before. 

Strategy #1: The Value Ladder Sales Funnel

You need to know what service you provide and how to get people to sign up instantly. The most common mistake people make when selling their services online is driving traffic directly to their sales page. 

Which is not very useful. 

People who don’t know or trust you seldom buy from you. Especially if you are selling financial services. 

It’s like walking up to a complete stranger and saying “Yo, I provide this service, now hire me!”

Who are you that they would want to pay for your service? 

Or will you buy a service like this?

So, what should you do instead to increase your closing rate? 

In order to get people to buy from you, you need to prove your value. This can be the value of your product that can benefit them. Or, by providing them with some values so they can know your capabilities and believe in your service.

And we called this process the value ladder. 

What Is the Value Ladder Sales Funnel?

Hence, we use the method called Value Ladder sales funnel when selling a product or service online.

This process removes the barriers between you and your potential buyers. And give them more reasons to buy from you. 

I first learn about this value ladder sales funnel from the book Expert Secrets by ClickFunnels co-founder Russel Brunson. An online marketing genius. 

In the book, he explained that a sales funnel consists of four stages : 

  • Bait. You offer the potential customer your lead magnet in exchange for their email address. 
  • Frontend. You offer the potential customer your least expensive and least valuable product or service. 
  • Middle. You offer the customer a more expensive and valuable product or service. 
  • Backend. You offer the customer your most expensive and most valuable product or service.

Ideally, you also offer a continuity program of some sort, meaning, a subscription product that generates recurring revenue. 

This value ladder sales funnel is powerful because it helps to resolve a few issues in selling online. 

  • Starting the relationship with the potential buyers by offering a free value. Build trust and value first. 
  • Nurture that relationship by continuing to provide free value via a follow-up email. 
  • Build trust with more value along the way and promote high ticket offers. 

To get this started, you shall figure out all the offers you want to provide and how each stage work. You can start with 2-3 stages first, where you will have a lead magnet + a frontend offer. And, along the way, build out the rest of the Value Ladder Sales Funnel over time.

The Best 3 Lead Generation Sales Funnel for the Financial Services 

The first step of the Value Ladder sales funnel is the lead generation funnel. Where we put the bait out there in exchange for their contact details. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You create a lead magnet.
  • You create a landing page for that lead magnet. 
  • You drive traffic to that landing page.

There is only one function for the lead generation funnel. Don’t overcomplicate this. 

It is designed to convert potential customers into leads by persuading them to give you their email addresses in exchange for your lead magnet. That’s all. 

Once they do that, they become a lead and enter your sales funnel. A group of people you can send out your newsletters or offers when you want. 

Once someone is signed up, you will send them to your thank you page where you can share with them what to expect for the next few days from you. At this point in time, they are going to go through your welcome email sequence where you are building the stage to pitch them your Frontend offer. 

Or you can follow up personally by social media or schedule a phone call with them. Depends on what details you collect during the lead generation page. 

To do these, there are different page series combinations but we summarize the 2 best funnel types that are the most suitable for the financial services niche.

1. Squeeze Funnel

The squeeze funnel is the most basic lead generation funnel.

It only has two pages:

  • Squeeze page.
  • Thank you page.

A squeeze page consists of 3 main elements:

  • An eye-catching headline that conveys the key message of your offer. 
  • An opt-in form to let the visitor submit their contact details. 
  • A call-to-action button that encourages the potential customer to take action and claim the offer. 

But there are also some sub-elements that are good to include. This includes subheadlines, video sales letters, and social proof. 

And, Thank You page is a page where you express gratitude for them to sign up and tell them how to claim the lead magnet.

This squeeze page can be seen as simple, but it’s working very well in converting visitors into leads.


It eliminates all the distractions a traditional website has, and only focuses on doing one thing. Converting visitors into leads.

You can use the squeeze page funnel for all kinds of lead magnets – ebooks, videos, email courses, etc. It’s also easy to set up because it’s so simple. 

If you are selling high-ticket products, then you should consider using a free 2-3 hours webinar as your lead magnet. In the webinar, although it is free, you want to provide as much value as possible so people will know you are worth the price. 

2. Webinar Funnel

A webinar funnel is a lead generation funnel where you offer a free webinar as your lead magnet.

This approach is so effective as now it becomes a 2 way of communication where you provide values and answer their questions before sharing your offer. 

This is how you should run your webinar : 

  • First, create a signup page for the webinar.
  • Secondly, Perform the webinar selling your product/service.
  • Then, Record the webinar for playback or as free training series 
  • Finally, Do that webinar live every single week for a year.

A webinar is a great way to close high-ticket products or services on large scale instead of doing it 1-1. You might still want to follow up with some who can’t make up his/her mind on the spot. 

But at the end of the webinar funnel, you usually show them a time-limit irresistible offer that they must take within 2 hours to avoid losing a great deal. 

Sales Funnel Strategy for Webinar

A typical webinar sales funnel consists of four pages:

  • A webinar registration page.
  • A thank you page.
  • A webinar page.
  • A product order page.

Your webinar should start with you introducing yourself, followed by a presentation on the subject matter, and ending with a sales pitch for your offer.

The webinar shall be packed with values throughout the session. You want at least all attendees to feel like they learned something regardless they choose to buy from you or not. 

Closing might not happen at the event itself. But you want to make sure, when you follow up with them, the answer is a “YES” as well. 

If you are unsure about how or what to do for a webinar, you may check out the Perfect Webinar Script which had make many top online marketers millions. 

You may also think about the webinar as a session where you explain some insider tips about how to do something and share with them the expected results from your technique. 

Then, your business pitch can be implemented into the strategies for their business so they can get the same desired results as seen. 

People who can afford to outsource it typically don’t want to manage their finances themselves, so teaching them how to do it is likely to trigger a “Can you just do it for me?” reaction.

How to Nurture Leads for Financial Service

And those who can’t afford to outsource it wouldn’t have hired you anyway. But you want that when they can afford it, you will be the expert they trust that came into their mind. This is the power of nurturing your leads. 

Providing useful information to help them achieve it themselves, is the best way to build trust. You already show your result, and how they can also get it by using your way. 

Just remember to be engaging in the webinar. It shall be 2 ways of communication. It shall also be a session where you answer their doubts. 

To do this, you may get your team to summarize the questions raised and answer the top 5 questions asked. 

At the end of the webinar, which is the most challenging part, is to give your sales pitch.

How to Pitch Your Financial Service in a Webinar

It can be awkward sometimes if you are just starting to do this. But bear in mind one thing, all of what you are doing is to make money. Not a charity event. 

That’s why we recommend using this script:

“So now I’d like to offer you guys something that I’m really excited about. It’s something that will change your business and life to be better. But I don’t want to do it without your permission. So, if it’s ok for me to share the offer about the [PRODUCT/SERVICE] then just type “Yes” in the chat.”

Since you have already proven your credibility, people will most likely want to hear about your offer. And, how much to hire you for the service. 

And if the response is not that good, you can try offering it again with this script:

“Okay. I don’t want to take up too much of your time. But I really think this is going to be a game-changer for you. Is it okay if I just spend 10 minutes showing you this offer I put together?”

If that doesn’t work also, then simply thank everyone and end the webinar. 

It may feel bad to receive a reaction like this. But you should now understand this. Your webinar is not good enough. People are not convinced to even let you share your offer. Not to say to buy anything yet. 

This means you will need to improve your webinar or redesign the webinar from scratch. Get your team to analyze each session of the webinar, attendees count, and attendees\’ reactions and start again. 

The Perfect Webinar Secrets

By the way, Russell has developed a system for creating webinars that sell, which he explains in detail in “Perfect Webinar Secrets”

We highly recommend checking it out if you want to learn how to grow your business via webinar funnels. It only costs $7!

Learn How To Create Webinars That SELL

Strategy #2: Paid Advertising

Now you have your Value Ladder sales funnel all set up, it’s time to think about your traffic source

There are 2 types of traffic, organic and paid. 

And we believe that paid advertising is the best way to do it. This is because paid traffic is the fastest and most scalable traffic. Once you set your ads and start paying the ads platform, you are going to get traffic flowing into your funnel. 

All main social media/video platforms allow you to run ads:

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.
  • YouTube.
  • TikTok.

You should choose the platform your dream customers hang out most at. And focus on that platform until you get the result you desired. 

And if you don’t know which platform to start with, then just pick Facebook. It’s the most universal one where you can get people from all walks of life there. Just find where they congregate and tap into the groups. 

And for business services, LinkedIn is probably your best bet.

No matter which platform you go with, the process is the same:

  • Set up a small daily ad budget.
  • Start running your ad campaign.
  • Split test the ad copy
  • Analyze the data 
  • Optimize the ad accordingly until you get the best ad.

You can begin gradually scaling your ad campaign once you figure out how to run ads profitably.

Strategy #3: YouTube Marketing 

While paid traffic is good, building an online asset is equally important. You don’t want to completely rely on paid ads only. When you stop paying for ads, the traffic stopped. And, the platform owner and the ads showing algorithm will determine how your ads perform. 

That’s why you should also invest in other traffic generation assets such as:

  • Social media following.
  • YouTube channel.
  • Company blog/website.
  • TikTok profile

Of these four options, YouTube probably offers the best long-term effort-to-reward ratio. The social media platform is also an advertising platform. Without buying ads, your post will not likely be seen. 

This is why we recommend building a YouTube channel for long-term growth. 

For the financial services niche, you definitely want to build a reputable YouTube channel. In the channel, you can build your stage like a TV series so people will know about you. And refer you as the industry expert. 

Here are some tips on how to start:

Invest in a decent microphone.

Other than the video, Audio is the most important in a video. It creates emotion for the video and decides whether is it interesting. Bad audio is worse than bad video quality.

Figure out the lighting.

Unless you are doing a screen recording video, lighting is very important in all video production. 

Keyword Research for each video ranking.

YouTube is also a search engine, owned by Google. The ranking method is the same. You find popular keywords and optimize your video title and descriptions around the keywords. Do some research on which keywords have the most searches and target them. 

Embed the call to action in your video.

During the video, it can be an ad time where you promote your lead magnet or whatever link to your affiliate product. Tell them the link is in the description and they can click here to claim it. 

Create attention-grabbing thumbnails.

Video thumbnails are very important as it decides whether someone clicks on your video or not. Spy on what your competitors are doing and get your freelancers to design the thumbnails based on the successful design. Not only that, you can find one on Fiverr or Upwork.

Keep in mind that consistency is the most essential thing in everything. For all platforms, including the YouTube channel consistency is the key. When you upload a video once in a while, YouTube will categorize it as a low-quality profile. 

But of course, your video quality and content are both important criteria for YouTube to rank. 

That’s why we recommend publishing 1 video a day for 100 days. Look back for the video published, and see which has the most view. And then, model it and create similar videos. 

By the time you published 100 videos, you are an expert in the field and had made this a habit to publish daily. 

How To Start & Build Your First Sales Funnel for a Financial Services Marketing?

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