May 20, 2024
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7 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Sales Funnel Conversion

While we had discussed a lot about how to build a sales funnel. Which sales funnel is more suitable for which functions? There is an important element that we have missed so far. You see, we always want to increase the conversion rate for our landing page and sales funnel in order to make a greater profit. But then, there are so many elements in a sales funnel that we can split test, and optimize. From the headline all the way to the footer of the page. Here we summarize 7 simple Hacks To Get Your Increase Sales Funnel Conversion Rate.

1. Add more curiosity to your headlines to increase conversions

You know the most important thing on your landing page is your headline. For instance, if you’re using a super clean short landing page like the one below

Super clean opt-in page

Then, your headline is your most important element to Get Your Sales Funnel To Convert. In our experience, most people will read the headline and decide whether to leave. You need to have some sort of curiosity in your headline that hooks your audience. So that they will be like what’s in it for me. No way, I need to know about it.

2. Create a lead magnet to grow your list

A lead magnet is like a free gift you give out to your audience in exchange for their contact details, name & email. You see, it is easier to exchange contact details with a lead magnet. A lead magnet can be something useful like a free report, ebook, guide, tutorial, or training course. A lead magnet shall be a shortcut to help them to achieve an instant result.

By providing value to them, to gain trust and Get Your Sales Funnel To Convert better.

3. Build Your sales page for optimum conversion

If you ever studied buying behaviour, you’ll realize that people buy based on emotion but not logic. And, this impulse buying behaviour is what we’re looking for. So how do we structure our page for this?

Typically we separate our page into 3 sections as below:

We first start with the emotion, making them excited to get that. And then, help them to justify the buying decision on the logic stage. Last, give them the urgency and fear of missing out so they will take action and buy now.

4. Offer an order form “Bump” to increase sales

An order bump is just like the small thing usually lying next to the cashier counter. It’s something that doesn’t need much persuasion to buy. Something you just throw in your shopping cart. The same goes for your sales page. Before they confirm the order, they can just tick on the order bump and it’s billed together with their purchase.

5. Keep the buying loop open to identify hyperactive buyers

There are always some buyers who are hyperactive and they will be purchasing everything you offer. So don’t stop at one or 2 upsell. But just keep offering to upsell products to this group of buyers. You never know how much they will grow through your sales funnel.

6. Create an “offer wall” to ascend buyers up your value ladder

This happens on your thank you page. On your thank you page, you will have a big headline or short video to thank you for your purchase. Followed by an “offer wall” that lists all the offers you gave on the previous page. Just in case they change their mind and decided to get it.

7. Advanced tip: Add a webinar to your thank you page to increase sales

The webinar is the king for high ticket sales. While waiting for their purchase to be delivered, you can conduct a webinar for them. Through webinars, you can further provide value to them and build a funnel. At the end of the webinar, you can offer them something high ticket. And since they already bought from you before and received value in your webinar they will be more likely to buy.

Summary – Increase Your Sales Funnel Conversion Rate

Now you had mastered the secret hacks for optimizing the sales funnel. Why not start building one with the coolest sales funnel builder, ClickFunnels? You can get a 14-day trial for free accessing their full functions just like paid customers.

Don’t wait and get it to start now.

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