June 13, 2024

Honest Review: One Funnel Away Challenge in 2024

One of the hype for the past few months in the online business world had been the One Funnel Away Challenge. In this challenge, you’re given 30 days to build or bring your business online and of course, start earning money.

One Funnel Away Challenge is a 1+4 weeks program that prepares your mindset and equips you with skills that are proven to work for many others. This challenge is organized by ClickFunnels. Probably the best and easiest to use is a landing page and sales funnel-building platform.

Who Should Take This One Funnel Away Challenge?

Well, to answer this, I will use a quote by Russell Brunson. Any business that needs to generate new leads will benefit from this.

Overview of The One Funnel Away Challenge

This challenge will be conducted by Russell, together with Julie and Steve. Every day during the challenge, there will be new lessons and tasks that need to be completed in order to proceed. Below is the overview of the 5 weeks plan for the challenge.

In the first week, Russell will prepare your mindset and belief that you can succeed with this. Mindset is the key to every success. If even you don’t believe in yourself, then who else will?

Week 1:

It’s about creating your hook, story, and offer. In this, you’ll be learning about creating your offer and lead magnets. For this, you shall start by funnel-hacking others’ offers. Look into their systems and funnels, and see how it works. How you can learn from there.

Week 2:

It will be focused on creating your hook and stories. You’ll be learning about the epiphany bridge and soap opera sequence. All these help to hook your target audience into your funnels and the stories will be used to relate them to your experience. By doing this, they can be able to sync with you easily.

Week 3:

Fun week. After preparing the product, offer, and stories. Now, it’s time to build your funnel. For this, we will be using ClickFunnels. The goal for this part will be to build your funnel from scratch or the templates in ClickFunnels. And then, designing and optimizing the funnel steps and copywriting. After building your funnels, always split test to get the best-optimized page for your audience.

Week 4

Finally, it’s the final week. This week, Russell explains different types of traffic sources and how to master them. There are basically 3 types of traffic, cold/warm/hot. All these traffics will need different messages to convert them. For instance, a hot audience already knows your products or service. They’re on the bench now, just yet to decide. Your task over here would be convincing and closing them.

The warm audience, on the other hand, is aware of the available solutions, but unable to decide on which solutions to take. For this group, the best method would be a review post. Showing them the functions and compared between different solutions.

The cold audience will be focusing on capturing their contact details for later follow-up or building your relationship.

Personally, I had taken the challenge in Sept 2021. And had learned a lot from the 4 weeks of mentorship. I would say, it is worth the $100 dollar investing you’re going to pay in order to join it.

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