May 20, 2024
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Is ClickFunnels a Website Builder? Let’s Find It Out

Is ClickFunnels a Website Builder? We can’t answer this question before watching the video below.

ClickFunnels Explainer Video

This short 3 minutes video explains it all. ClickFunnels does not build to be a website builder. But it is more to be building a sales funnel that will help to convert customers better.

To under more about the sales funnel and all the stages, we had written a post about this.

Website Vs Sales Funnels

First of all, you need to know do you really need a website or sales funnels and the difference between them. A website can contain all the information about your business, about page, product catalogue, and other pages.

However, a sales funnel is a simple step-by-step page built to convert the best. We will guide our prospect step by step in a sales funnel to do what we desire, aka make a purchase. On every page, you’ll need them to make a simple decision. Yes or No. As they will have less resistance to making simple decisions and better for us to guide and covert them.

Is ClickFunnels a Website Builder?

So, back to this question. I would say the answer is yes, but it is not the aim of it. To build a website, there is nothing better than WordPress. Like our business, we integrate the WordPress site and the ClickFunnels site to have a better focus on each part.

For the complete website and blogs, we’ll be building on WordPress as it does better as a CMS platform. For specific sales funnel campaigns, we build through ClickFunnels and integrate with WordPress.

What Can ClickFunnels do?

If you ever heard about Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, he explained using Lego blocks.

23 Building Blocks Of A Funnel

In ClickFunnels, there are 23 different blocks that you can mix and match to build your own funnels. It\’s just like a lego set where you can literally build anything out of it with just the blocks of different sizes.

And on a page, there is a different section, row and elements.

Page Builder for ClickFunnels

To add a new element in ClickFunnels, simply click the + button and select the element you need. To rearrange it, just simply drag and drop.

Why ClickFunnels Over Others?

  • Ease Of Use: With ClickFunnels, all you need to do is drag and drop to create a sales funnel on ClickFunnels. No technical or coding knowledge is required. But of course, it will be best if you know some basic CSS for advanced styling.
  • Convenience: You can manage your entire sales funnel in ClickFunnels alone while integrating with different platforms like payment and email marketing. You can easily integrate those platforms with ClickFunnels. Or if you’re getting the advanced plan for ClickFunnels, the email marketing features is part of it as well. Not only that, one of the gems from ClickFunnels is the reporting features that show earning and sales value for each step.
  • Flexibility: In ClickFunnels, elements and pages are pre-built in the platforms. You can use all the ready templates to start building it.
  • Save Time & Money: Some might think that paying $97/month or $297/month using ClickFunnels is expensive. Wrong. The time and money you saved building systems for your business using ClickFunnels are much higher than the monthly subscription fees.

A website is the most important tool to show your business to your potential customers and a funnel is a multi-step process that generates leads and converts a prospect into a buyer. To start, you can get a 14-day free trial now with full features available.

Summary – Is ClickFunnels a Website Builder

Alternatively, if you are still unclear on the strategy or if you are new to online business, you can check out the Your First Funnel Challenge. A step-by-step guide to teach you how to start and launch your first sales funnel from scratch.

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