How to Create Info Products in 30 Minutes or Less

Online Business owners, as we mentioned many times, one of the keys to standing out and avoiding a direct price war with your competitors is to have an irresistible offer to your customer. Something that they will feel they’re having more value buying from you. This is very important especially if it’s a very competitive niche/market. One way to create an amazing offer is by pairing your products with high-quality info products.

While I love bundling physical products with information products, producing high-quality info products can be challenging and time-consuming. Huge efforts will be required to start creating a new info product from scratch. That’s why we also suggest that probably there is a simplified way where you can start with the

However, I’ve recently come across a tool when it comes to creating fantastic products. Today, I will teach you the most efficient way you can start making these products to use in your own business bundles. Read on to learn how you can rebrand PLR products and create high-quality information products in just minutes. 

Why Information Products?

Information Products are having a high perceived value when bundled with other physical products or even as a lead magnet. Most people give it away as freebies or upsell bundles to stand out from competitors. This is why with the right bundle, you can really stand out from your competitors. Here, the information products that we’re talking about are PLR products and Private Label Rights Products.

A PLR Product is something that you can purchase at a low price and rebrand the information to make it your unique product. It can be in the form of articles, ebooks, graphics, or videos. Instead of being claim rights for the product, you can buy the license to reproduce and add on your content for your audience and bundle it as new products. The PLR products are readily available online at stores like theplrstore. Through buying quality PLR products, you can create some awesome information products if you are willing to take the time to rebrand the content to resonate well with your audiences.

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How to Create Your Info Products

As we run a lot of lead generation campaigns and eCommerce businesses online, we constantly use a lot of info products to bundle with our offer. In past, we used to hire people from and Upwork to create them. However, we’ve come across an incredible tool that changed everything recently. It allows us to create our own high-quality information products in-house. We have found a great use for this paid tool and know you can as well.

Sqribble – The best Information Product Creator

The paid tool that I mentioned is called Sqribble. After using it for a few months with my team, I can really say everyone in our content creation team loves it. You can get Sqribble for around $67, and it is well worth your investment. Through Sqribble, you can simply load your PLR products and efficiently generate high-quality PDFs or eBooks within a 20- to 30-minute timeframe. This software is so effective and easy to use that you could even start creating and selling eBooks and information products for others. There is really no reason why you can’t create your own high-quality information products today. The benefits of Sqribble are countless as it adds so much value to your offer. No matter is your affiliate offer, eCommerce offer, or lead magnet.

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How To Get To Work

Let’s say you just purchased a PLR product consisting of different articles or general content. You can enrich the content by adding a new chapter or foreword that can sync with your target audience. And then, most PLR products are often long and dull when you get them. The cover page, the formatting, and so on are not what people will pick up and read it. So, here’s what I do. I will pick out the bullet points of these PLR product articles and place them in a Sqribble template. 

As you create the info products, remember that no one likes to read long articles or books to get the answer. People nowadays want the answer/result fast. They prefer a cheat sheet to a 200-page long ebook. My advice to you is to hand-picked the information that you believe will give the customer the most value. And then, combine this information into an easily digestible ebook or PDF file. 

The Sqribble templates that are available to you have incredibly high quality. Using one of these templates will allow you to create a high-perceived-value ebook or information product in as little as 20-30 minutes. There are hundreds of templates for you to utilize on Sqribble. Just find one that fits with the vibe of your business and just start plugging in your information. If you have a brand or colour scheme already with your business, then try to find a template that aligns with your scheme. This will help keep everything nice and consistent in your branding. 

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Final Thought – How to Create Info Products in 30 Minutes or Less

If you’re an author, online entrepreneur, or anyone who needs to know how to create info products fast and interesting. Sqribble is definitely the tool that you need to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Get Started with 52 Ready Built PLR Funnel Templates

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