June 13, 2024
clickfunnels alternative

ClickFunnels Alternative – Free And 2 Paid Options

You might already hear that ClickFunnels is a great funnel builder. The communities are so proud of it and how it can make them a lot of money. They are also very helpful in solving your problem. But as someone who just starts out, ClickFunnels can seem rather expensive. Today, we are going to discuss ClickFunnels Alternative.

It is expensive and people are still using it. Meaning that it works. The money spent on the monthly subscription is negligible compared to the time saved and the money earned by utilizing the tools. This is why people love it.

But of course, if you want to start with less budget, there are other alternatives out there that share similar functions. And charges are much lower, but personally, I don’t think they come near to ClickFunnels.

In this post, I will show you one of the best ClickFunnels alternative page builders out there. It might cost you some dough but definitely will save your startup budget. Again, if possible, I will still suggest using ClickFunnels as the best overall. What’s best, they do offer a 14-day free trial. You can start for 14 days for free and start making money.

ClickFunnels Free Alternative Option

LeadSanity is a free landing page builder platform. You don’t need to install any software or clients, your browser is the client. Just like ClickFunnels, you will only need a browser, and the internet to use.

For the functionality, it’s actually pretty user-friendly too, where anyone can start and use it. However, there are a lot of limitations that come with the free plan.

For a free subscription, you are limited to 10,000 visitors per month, 2 landing pages, 10 templates to start with, and limited support. So, if you are just looking to start out and make it a side hustle, maybe you can try it out.

But if you are building a serious business, you can scale it big. The free version might not be the best choice.

ClickFunnels Paid Alternatives

Instapage is a good alternative to ClickFunnels where it builds a very good landing page. So, if you are just looking for a landing page builder and not a sales funnel, maybe you can try it out. Compared to ClickFunnels which provides more functions like sales funnel building, upsell and cross-sell, email marketing, and analytics dashboards, Instapage offers only landing page building.

They offer over 40 different integrations for other platforms, over 200 templates, forms, A/B testing, and several other features which are great for building a landing page.

However, considering the high price point of $299 per month, you will really need to consider whether you need what it provides.

Leadpages is another popular lead generation landing builder which is slightly cheaper than ClickFunnels. It does offer unlimited pages and traffics even for the basic plan. This platform allows drag-and-drop page building and is mobile-friendly.

You can build landing pages with preloaded elements, photos, videos, testimonials, partner lists, social site integration, links, maps, pop-up windows, and other interactive content.

Plans start from $27 per month for the Standard plan. There is also a Pro plan for $59 per month that includes A/B Testing and taking payments with checkouts. The Advanced plan for $239 per month adds advanced integration with other platforms.


There are so many page builders out there. Even Google Sites can allow you to build a simple website or landing page. But why do I still spend money on ClickFunnels?

I had been trying out a lot of different platforms before this, and personally after testing so many platforms. I found that ClickFunnels does very well in letting me build a sales funnel fast. Where I can start and build a high-converting sales funnel in a very short time.